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  1. Joined the forum August 30, 2008, member number 12073. Got my first dragon (a skywing) four days prior on August 26. I remember being present for the Guardian release and having to go on vacation during the Summer dragon release, so my egg died. Ah memories.


    So how do we find what number our scroll is?

  2. So now that my tinsel has gendered female instead of male, finding a mate is going to be a LOT harder. dry.gif The tinsel's lineage looks like this, so anyone with tinsel-fails with similar colors (Pink, white, silver, etc.) and the same generation number (12, if I counted right) can PM me if you're looking for a home!


    Edit: Thanks alyelle!!

  3. My own single Bronze tinsel has not bred for me at all. I've bred it four times since I got it and I've either gotten no interest or an egg of the mate's breed, sunset eggs. Though honestly I've been trying a little harder trying to get a few more alt vines, a GoN, and some neglecteds before getting serious about the tinsel thing.

  4. Category: Dragon Breeds

    Title of Record: Breeder with the most Skywing Dragons

    Name of Submitant(forumname): helix9

    Scroll Name (link): helix9

    Proof for Record: I believe I now have 82 adult skywings, the previous record being 74.



    Category: Lineages - Perfect

    Title of Record: The Skywing Lineage

    Name of Submitant(forumname): helix9

    Scroll Name (link): helix9

    Proof for Record: Dragon's lineage

    What has changed?: I have bred a sixth gen perfect skywing, surpassing my previous fifth gen.


    I am very proud of my skywing love!

  5. I went through a spell where I just kept locking myself before I remembered I had a summon, so I'm probably at like 12-15 times or something.


    And I very much think there are more neglecteds that GoN's, and I've tried to get both and haven't succeeded. After all, there are no limits to neglected dragons and some people are just really good at it. It also seems like you actually make progress every time you do an experiment, experience wise. GoN's are just too random.

  6. The most amount of rares I've bred have been trios for the most part. Golds are few and far between, but they do show up a lot more often than my silvers. I've been on an incredible silver egg drought for some time until I bred this girl recently. Unfortunately three of my four adult silvers are inbred and this poor frozen hatchling is inbred on both parents' sides. I'll just stick to breeding trios for the AP.

  7. The Coast! I will never ever ever ever have to grab a "strange markings" egg incorrectly ever again, because my beloved CB skywings are away from the ochredrakes and horses along the coast. Ever!! My day has officially been made.

  8. Thank you, TJ. If only I weren't locked to kingdom come...

    You might want to be careful with that statement today, lol.


    I'm not sure whether to drop a hatchie of mine or wait for them to grow in another couple of days to start catching these leetle guys.

  9. My wishlist can be completely removed. I've been able to breed the rares I wanted on my own (good thing breeding has been more successful) and I've gotten several gifts, though not through SSG. However, I wouldn't mind sending some gifts soon. Do I PM the main account for that?

  10. I hope to strive to beat the most skywings record. It might be a bit hard to beat someone who only collects skywings, but I'm about a fourth of the way there already and if I can pull off my lineage, there are going to be many, many more. laugh.gif

  11. The way we gift is as follows: We receive a gift and go in order down the list (skipping people who are locked or who have already received a gift of the same rarity (ex. I'm looking to gift a chicken, but skip those who already received a silver and have chicken on their list, or those who are locked) and gift to the first open person available.

    About the locked thing. I think I am not the only one when I say that the majority of the time, I am ready to drop eggs if a gift comes in or if I need to breed something. I usually am raising hatchies only to be frozen, and I've dropped plenty to get a new spot. After all I could always get/bred another. For example I have a deep sea and a waverunner I'm not currently attached to that would be dropped should the need arise.


    So, in other words, I'm asking that perhaps the rule is reconsidered. If not, I'll understand.

  12. Three of my first four dragons died on me. I think they were red, magi, and white but I can't quite remember. The fourth, the bravest skywing in the game, lived and still resides on my scroll. Turakh has been quite resilient and ever since skywings have been my favorite breed.