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  1. One of my favorite tools was on Eggs Around the World, which helped you find the CB adults on your scroll that don't have any offspring yet. If only we could filter through our dragons by their generation!
  2. Actually, that's a good point. If we do just one line per gender, then people could be in the same lineage at least twice with their CB's, possibly one dragon early on and then another one later in the list. Halloween's not a problem since there aren't restrictions to the original batch of CB's so that would work just fine with the two lines. This is also a good point. Maybe only have the most recent lineages on the front page, and then perhaps put the rest of them in a nice google doc for easy organization. I have the next two days off, so I might give this a go and see how it turns out... So maybe a good plan would be to let Valentine's finish up for this year, and then start catching up after that.
  3. I'm worried that this thread might not be active enough to keep adding new lines. Right now, we have 2 lines for 8 holiday releases for 3 different holidays; that's 48 lineages! For the more visual people (like myself) it looks like this: I think we've all done a great job with so many of these lines! I'm just thinking that maybe...it might be a good place to stop? The signup lists just aren't as long as they used to be, which I think was the fun part of these lineages, and inactivity has hit some lists worse than others. However, I think there might be a fun way to close it out. With the CB holiday biome back for Christmas, it's possible that enough people were able to snag some CB Hollies to start one or two more lines. What do you guys think? Feel free to tell me I'm off my rocker with this suggestion of course!
  4. I've got my two CB hollies yay!! Now I just need a CB Yulebuck to have my holiday set complete because I only got one waaay back in 2008. Edit: Aaaaand got the yulebuck too! Can't believe I've been able to finally fill out my scroll after all these years. So surreal. I'll put in a Christmas wish for the next thing I want
  5. Got Zeditha a new egg (https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ex9L8) to replace the one with the refusal. I'm just glad that this egg came faster than the first one!
  6. New egg form! Lineage Name: Perilous Breeder's Name: helix9 Intended For: Zeditha Lineage Link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/SowNu Transfer form! Lineage Name: Perilous Breeder's Name: helix9 Transfered To: Zeditha Lineage Link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/SowNu
  7. For me the decision ended up being between Grave and Desipis and chose the Grave, but if I had known that not many people chose Desipis I would have done that. I still haven't had any Witchlights visit yet.
  8. I was checking mates for my Halloween dragons when I realized I've been holding up the Perilous line and not knowing it! As soon as the event is over, I'll get right on it.
  9. Honestly, seeing those beautiful hatchling sprites for the events really goes to show how well designed all of the Halloween dragons are. I've having a hard time deciding which one I want!
  10. "Huh well I'm egglocked but I'll breed this pair anyways, they almost never breed the xenowryms I'm looking for." The two dragons breed to produce an egg. Oh look it's the pair's very first mageia xenowyrm egg! "so you decide to abandon it." Ah, right. Well that's not what I expected.
  11. Finally!! New egg form! Lineage Name: Insidious Breeder's Name: helix9 Intended For: cirruspuss Lineage Link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kddCP
  12. My spinel girl wants to go buy a video game at GameStop!
  13. This isn't something I'd consider terrible, but whenever there's a release in the coast and I see those skywing eggs it's so hard not to grab them. I have three right now instead of waiting for Bauta eggs haha.
  14. I'm not sure how many people know I'm from Las Vegas (I had it as my location before the forum change, and had it set to Jakku until just now), but I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm safe.
  15. Another try with the Insidious line, another week with no egg. :/
  16. I was FINALLY able to breed a non-pyro xenowyrm for one of my lineages. Two breeds down, four to go...
  17. Having terrible luck with the Insidious line. I'll try for next week with fertility and see what happens.
  18. Yeah, I'm getting the same thing as well. I was worried that it was being caused by the Photobucket debacle, but I uploaded the images to imgur and had the same thing happen. Hopefully it's not too complex of a fix.
  19. One of my really old mini-lineages has come back to life with the new hybrid release! It's a short little arrowhead lineage with some fun-named pygmies that already ended with a nilia x crimson flare pairing.
  20. I've always loved the vibrant colors of the sunrise, sunset, and sunsong dragons, so I'm really excited for these hybrids!
  21. I started using Enpass for managing passwords for a while now and really like it. Although I've changed the password for this site somewhat recently, I won't mind giving it another poke since it was one that I made and not one of the safer auto-generated passwords that the program offers.
  22. I've been breeding a pyro xenowyrm with a hellhorse hoping to see if I'd get a non-pyro xeno egg. Turns out that I haven't yet, but I'm wondering if I should ever expect it? Since hellhorses are hybrids they technically have no set biome, but that might make it so that it's a wildcard instead?
  23. Fun programming fact! (from here) So there probably isn't a variable set to hold the date the Sinos were summoned, not unlike the way old Vampire bites can't be tracked.