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  1. Breeding was a success on my side! I got 4 and 1 egg clutches from my 09's, 3 and 2 eggs from my 10's, and 1 and 3 eggs from my 11's. I also tried out a new pair with rosebud x golden wyvern and it worked! Gifted one from each dragon, and the rest out to the AP. happy.gif

  2. I've been collecting loads of CB skywings for when I get further in my project, and of all 18 of the ones I have unnamed, only three are female. I killed three of the males for zombie fodder last Halloween because I just have too many. No wonder this lineage has taken so long >.>

  3. I just caught my first gold wyvern! I teared up a little bit too, I've clicked way more "sorry, this egg has been taken" this release than any other combined. I have the six royal blues I wanted already (as long as they gender how I would like), so hopefully I can get five more shimmers...

  4. There's elegance not only in the new skin, but in the feeling that we can all agree on the same thing: that freedom of speech and expression are too important to not be fought for. The internet has brought us all together from all sorts of places, and now together no one can deny our united ability to stand up for the right thing.

  5. Loving the dressed up dragons.. can we keep the golden skywings? I'd collect a 100 of them if we could.. seriously, I love them.

    Already WAY ahead of you! laugh.gif I am so dang happy with the dressed up dragons. I was grinning like a fool from ear to ear! biggrin.gif Even if that was the only thing that the event included, it would have made my holiday.

  6. Heterosexual, but with no motivation to have a relationship. Sure, I've thought about it at times, but I think I'm too selfish to ever really get over the fact that I just really need time by myself and my privacy to do so. In short, I'm not good at sharing, and reciprocity is hugely important in a lasting relationship.