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  1. Edit: I don't know much about the costume of the Skywings, but I'm really loving them too. I can't wait for my Skywing hatchlings to grow up and join in with the festive adults. biggrin.gif

    I love them!! You should have seen how fast I changed the banner in my sig to put them next to the beautiful gold ones from last Christmas. Don't they look great together? biggrin.gif My army is ready to take to the night skies on Halloween, that's for sure.



    I had forgotten to use fertility just to make sure I'd get an egg from the parents, but when I saw that egg show up on the page I nearly flew through the ceiling. Now it's time to take a break for the holidays, start finding some blusangs, and get ready for setting up the final ninth gen. biggrin.gif



  3. Finally bred a sixth gen after what seems like forever! She should eventually breed a seventh gen with the other sixth gen boy I've had waiting, and then THAT baby should breed with my very patient seventh gen that I've had since March, and I'll finally have my first EIGHTH gen! *squeeee* And then after that it's on to the final stage: my goal for ninth gen! Here we go...

  4. I think an army is anything that's past your set goal, plus 20. Yeah, that's oddly specific I know, I just made it up on the spot! But it seems about right to me. After all, I usually don't collect more than four adults of any breed. Sometimes I make exceptions for really nice lineages, but that usually doesn't bring me above ten or so. after that, it's pretty obvious that you want to collect them all the time.


    My army is, of course, my brigade of 332 skywings (and always counting!). Almost all of them are part of my Helix even-gen lineage which requires a LOT of caveborns. Now with the craziness going on in the coast, I sometimes don't know whether to go for the skywings or the blusangs!

  5. Just one little eggy so far. :/ Let's see how tomorrow goes.


    I'm actually quite sad the "big catch" for this release is in the coast. I watch my little skywings fly by and I know I shouldn't click on them but then everyone else grabs them and it makes me a bit emotional. *sniffle*

  6. Just saw a tree a minute ago and I was pretty surprised that even after I hesitated and then clicked on it, I got the message that I was at the limit for that breed. I'm usually never that fast, so I'm guessing no one was checking for awhile. I hope it made someone's day!

  7. Just bred my third 6th gen for my personal lineage! Working on the fourth one has been a little bit harder, but I'm less than ten breedings away from an eighth gen so I am super stoked. To think I'm going to have to double everything I've already done to reach my goal of ninth gen blink.gif

  8. What stats I would want are gender, breed, name, code, link to lineage, link to actions and possibly a notation if the sprite is alt or not or which alt for multiple options. That's all I need to play. I already have my dragons sorted the way I need them.

    This was pretty much what I was going to say for an imageless scroll. I find my breeding pairs by finding their names. The only places I'd need the images is to sort by color (yay rainbows) with alternate custom sort and lineage checking. Otherwise, just knowing the basics works for me. And of course, text-only wouldn't take up nearly as much space as it did with the images, and just loads faster overall. Saves space, reduces lots of lag. This idea is probably my favorite.

  9. My aging laptop is quite pleased with this change. I always had it on single page but now that I can only see half of my dragons at once, I can really tell the load speed difference. I'm even inspired to change it to lower than 500, since all of my important dragons I've placed near the top anyways.

  10. Gah, it figures that right when I decide that I need more CB Seasonals, they go awol. rolleyes.gif Ah well, hopefully they'll be back soon enough.

    That's exactly what I was thinking. I haven't noticed until lately that I should start getting more CB's but this is a little ridiculous.