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  1. Finally grabbed the last of the older valentines that I still needed 2nd gens for, got my pair of brand new lovelies, and the garden so far has no repeat seeds yet so all in all extremely exciting! I'm glad I have this event to look forward to on Valentine's, much more to my tastes haha. laugh.gif

  2. In the midst of the valentine's madness I've been able to make some headway with my skywing lineage with number 7 of 8 of my needed 6th gens, and number 8 is only one breeding away! I can't believe how close I am to finally finishing this project. Now, I need to catch up and actually find good names for gens 1-5...



    As for valentine's eggs, I've been pretty lucky catching 2nd gens for all of them except 09's which makes sense since they're the oldest breed. If anyone has a lineage that needs either of these arsanis or these rosebuds in exchange for a 2nd gen '09 (though not necessary) just let me know. I do want to keep the one that isn't chosen in each pair though.

  3. Considering that I mostly breed for myself nowadays, the only eggs that ever leave me are holidays, and those I always check up on a week after the event is over. It's also kinda funny because once I got a request to breed some specific pairs for a player, and they haven't been able to breed an egg from them yet, it seems. Hopefully they get better luck. ^^



  4. My stats from this year:


    Male 2nd Gen Brown Copper - failed

    Male CB White Stripe - success!

    Female CB White Stripe - failed

    Male CB Skywing - failed

    Female Frozen Hatch 8th gen Bronze Shimmer - failed



    The CB male was the only one I needed for completing my set of male, female, hatchie male, and hatchie female zombies. My overall stats for the past times I've done zombies are 4 out of 18, and two of the successes have been stripes haha.