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  1. @helix9

    Whooo, you've been busy with those Signodextras! biggrin.gif


    user posted image

    Scroll: DesertAnubis

    Breeder: helix9

    Inbred: Pumuksa Signodextra and Treimeskha

    Reason: I want one :3

    They are quite consistently busy, yes. :3 Done and done!


    user posted image

    New Alternative Breeding Pairs

    Pairs: Esminets Signodextra and You Really Sure About That (3rd gen)

    Pumuksa Signodextra and Treimeskha (3rd gen)

    Nanciscor Signodextra and Astrolace (4th gen)

    Ausdauer Signodextra and Tropospherical (4th gen)

    Scroll: helix9


    Phew! So many lovely pairs.

  2. So it looks like avatars of destruction breed offspring fairly well. In fact, so much so that I've devoted a new page in my lineages spreadsheet to the Signodextra family that has arisen on my scroll (just click on the multicolored skywing banner). I have gotten some non-destruction dragons, like a moonstone and avatar of change from the same pair, but otherwise I'm hoping that I can keep getting more destructions.


    I also don't think I'll be able to get to 7th gen easily (and 8th is likely impossible) so at that point I might just breed offspring from what I've got and surprise some people in the AP, unless you guys want a couple first. smile.gif



  3. Hey is anyone else having issues organizing dragons? I keep tryign to put two eggs with my Blue Banded Dragon group using the Alternate Custom Sort option, but it wont save!

    That's unusual. Just be careful with the new multi-sort and make sure you click on the dragon before trying to drag it (I think I have this problem because I also have a really bad mouse). Otherwise, without closing the page look at your scroll in another tab and see if the changes saved. Sometimes it will have worked but the sort page doesn't respond.

  4. I got Pumuksa a second mate, and he rejected that one too. I don't think I've ever had a dragon reject two different mates before. I'm lucky that the copper pair continues to give me nice green coppers but this is definitely the last one I'm trying before I'm gonna have to look for another 4th gen.


    keitsumah, no I haven't heard of chain-link lineages.

  5. Ooh, I feel like it would be difficult to decide. The only thing I know for certain is that I would ask for the code "helix" no matter what. Besides that, I would love to ask for a CB silver tinsel, a CB holly, or even a CB skywing because I love collecting those (the code would make it one of a kind!).

  6. Guess who bred Esminets and got an egg while they were already scroll-locked... Me sleep.gif Will attempt to get it back somehow, and maybe learn not to breed on impulse.


    Edit: The egg was picked up and returned by a very generous user! I might name it something to do with "wayward" to commemorate its journey.

  7. Okay, I have a gold influenced male. But the only problem is that the two (him and Tharanu) don't have a "well-fitting" lineage: See? Even-gen and stairstep. So...

    Hmm interesting. I feel like the coolness of the gold lineage outweighs that there will be a gap, if you eventually keep building it as an even gen. I have one CB gold male that I could attempt to breed for you? It hasn't given me a gold since 2010... DX Or maybe scour some trades and trade the gold you have for an even gen one.


    Meanwhile, I'm sitting here with a refusal with Pumuksa Signodextra and the green copper I really wanted him to breed with, but luckily I bred a replacement copper today. Esminets breeds again tomorrow.





  8. I scoured through my scroll to see if I had any interesting 4th gens that I could breed with my 4th gen avatar of destruction and wanted some people's thoughts on them. smile.gif They're all pretty random so nothing otherworldly.


    I have this great moonstone x blue nebula checker that matches the dark colors of the destroyers and thunders.


    I've also got this neat varied copper and silver that's just kinda cool with the extra metal colors.


    Thirdly, I've got this really varied vine and frill sort of combination that matches the destroyer's random pinks and purples.


    The first would breed an avatar of change and the last two would breed avatars of creation. Any help choosing?

  9. "You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced."


    And so it begins. But! That means there wasn't a refusal biggrin.gif So, drumroll please...


    user posted image

    Lineage: Helix Signodextra

    Scroll: helix9

    Alt: 8


    user posted image

    My Scroll: helix9

    Primary Mating Pair: Thunderbender and Helix Signodextra

    Personal Breeding Rules: None. Once the dragon leaves my hands, I have no control over it. The only real rule of course is retaining the lineage's name.

  10. Brazil definitely became more of a Magikarp after Neymar's unfortunate injury. He was watching from the bench probably thinking about how much better he'd be handling gameplay.


    It was also really heartfelt when Netherland's van Persie gave his captain's band to the dutch superfan (the Orange General) in the stands. Really nice to see the appreciation players have been giving to their fans.


    And of course, the final!! I'm still going back and forth because both are such good teams, but I think I want to see Argentina win it all. But those Germans! It's gonna be a great game. biggrin.gif