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  1. At this rate I think I'll only be able to get one breeding pair of each color instead of two like I usually do. There are so many but they're all so great! I think these will keep me busy for a long long while.
  2. Had a fun color coordinated match for the nebula I was gifted from this thread but of course they refused. I hope I can find another nice lineage hiding on my scroll somewhere. And spring_dragon, I love that pyrope/tidal combo what a great match-up.
  3. Gorgeous! I just had to grab it. Meanwhile, finally got to gen 4 on my inbred checker. Let's hope there aren't any more refusals.
  4. August 2008 here! Got my first batch of eggs which all died, then got a second batch on the 26th and joined the forums on the 30th so those wouldn't die too. My oldest dragon is a skywing, a testament to how long I've been playing with pretty much no breaks. I still remember all those dragon eggs piled into RP forum signatures, I clicked on several of them, and the rest is history!
  5. After breeding ten spessartines before finally getting a skywing for my inbred project, of course the couple refused. I feel bad knowing that breeding a replacement probably means getting another pyralspite, which means replacing the dragon that's been waiting around on my scroll all this time...
  6. Got my first fourth gen egg for my Doublewings project. Still trying to decide how far I want this one to go, because I like the idea of just perpetually collecting nhiostrifes and skywings forever, lol.
  7. helix9

    DC Spiral

    This is pretty neat, I'd love to contribute with my share of old dragons like my black dragon or gold dragon from 2008. And well of course my skywing caught a month after the species was released.
  8. I bred an egg with a science code, 4M1dE, and named it Amide Linkage.
  9. @Annezor Send me some of those inbred checker vibes! I've got a very skywing-lacking progeny list for my own project. Also got the first 3rd gen for my doublewings project. I'm so excited by how lovely these are together!
  10. The green and red looks so great together! Probably why people like using whites for holiday lines so much haha. Also, apparently skywings are really hard to breed? I never really noticed because I had done such a large PB line, that now when I'm trying to do a checker with nhiostrifes and an inbred checker with spessartines they almost never breed skywings! It's almost like a 1 in 10 chance when breeding. *sigh* Fingers crossed on these.
  11. I was looking for nhiostrifes in the alpine, so I was grabbing eggs to get the flow moving. Somehow I was too slow on clicked a CB gold that was followed one egg later by a CB silver!! I have no idea how someone that was camping there could have beat me to those... Of course, that now means that I've seen 2 more CB metals in the alpine than a CB almandine
  12. Bred my 4 brutes with 1 no interest (brute x desipis whyyy), 1 refusal, and 2 eggs that weren't brutes. No wonder I've never bred them before!
  13. Hmm, I definitely don't have the loading problem everyone else is having. It's probably why I like the new skin so much, way more than the original. I'm liking the new fonts as well, though I do wonder why it changes for lineages. 1960's is too white for me to find useful, but I guess it helps other people out so there's that.
  14. Wow wow wow! A great surprise to wake up to. Although the regular default wasn't terrible on the eyes, this new one is much better on the eyes when it's dark.
  15. My Doublewing checker line begins with my Valentine's Cave pair.
  16. Or, the descriptions on the adult dragons can be on the dragons that have no actual encyclopedia notes yet. Essentially it would replace "There are no notes available for this breed. Check back later; new information will be added periodically" with the description that we would normally see. Then should it get an update in the future it can be removed, like a placeholder if you will.
  17. Name: Xisibbre Breed: CB Nhiostrife wyvern Mate/s: Turakh, a CB skywing Fail to produce: Rejected I was really excited to get the nhiostrife because that's who Turakh was able to find during the Valentines event. Unfortunately, it seems only one gal will be good enough for him. What he doesn't know is that I've been able to grab several CB nhios and I'm going to keep trying until they like each other.
  18. I had a bunch of unnamed CB skywings so I just said "well what if I name them all after Coheed and Cambria song titles?" and I was surprised to get a handful that I didn't have to use any spaces in (of course, I owned a few already lol). But some of those titles are so long, I had to use abbreviations.
  19. Thanks rubyshoes! There was some fun experimenting, and deep down I hope they weren't just totally random choices. Weird probabilities aside, I've seen some great combos come out of the event. I myself have finally nabbed the CB nhiostrife I needed to have as my skywing's mate. Turns out I had bred him with lots of other partners but they weren't very clean lineages. So starting from two CB's will be very exciting!
  20. Looks like the extra red vibes helped me out with this great AP catch.
  21. My lovely skywing Turakh attracted an equally splendid nhiostrife! He started off with a more blue-ish cave once he saw a fair blue nebula, but the nhio is the gal who truly took his breath away. The incorporation of purples with pops of red/orange brings out the vibrancy of the pair. They'll have a seafood dinner for two before flying into the sunset on their double wings. I've always wanted a checker of these. I think this is a sign that it's time to start...
  22. There wasn't a change at the hour as one would expect, looks like these are very likely to be permanent. I've been doing lots of changes to no avail.
  23. I was just about to answer a bunch of questions, refreshed my page, and got: "After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, Turakh has attracted an admirer: a nhiostrife wyvern! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company." I do love nhiostrifes! Definitely a great alternative to the nebula I was hoping to get. I was actually 50 across the board in all items when it happened.
  24. Okay all! In my quest to try out the tally system for tolerates and repulses, I ended up having to make a spreadsheet (it's a mess otherwise). I've currently tallied the relevant findings before page 17 18 19 but still have to do the rest after. As always, please feel free to double check me. edit: caught up, and added the two from the post right after this one
  25. This isn't the only occasions it seems to be doing this. Especially if you'r'e seeing changes within your own cave, it's hard to pin it down to something like your own dragon breed, cave type, items in cave, etc. Is there anything in particular that does seem to stay consistent? This is a question for everyone of course. I mean, the matching system must have some way to choose between breeds like Black and Frostbite which give the same messages without just choosing one randomly. I think I will move to a tally system instead of just a definitive "this is what they want" and see what happens. So if three users say that balloons tolerate shinies, but one other sees it repulsed, I'll label it with "Shinies - 3T/1R" or something. Primary/Secondary will stay as is though, since those are pretty rock solid. Also, apparently there are distinct New Pink/Bright Pink dragons, and different Coppers? Can someone confirm that for me, and what messages they get?