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  1. I've only grabbed one CB egg so far, but I was able to breed 4 more which is pretty nice. 😀


    I have a set of siblings where I've been trying to breed one of each Xeno from these parents, and the last one I had been missing was Astrapi. Guess I still have a lot more work ahead of me now!

  2. 8 hours ago, StormWizard212 said:


    Did you try clearing your cache? Perhaps you're having the issue TJ mentioned above about your browser not showing the saved data. Trying the usual things like clearing your cache, logging out and back in, trying a different browser, etc. is all I can think of that might help. 


    The troubleshooting didn't help, so it was probably due to my browser not uploading the progress to the server. Luckily I've been adding new stuff to my fort and I've been seeing that new save spinner working, and everything is looking stable. Thanks all! 👍

  3. I just found that my item placement was reverted back to an earlier point from today. Items like the stone castle walls/towers and the chess kings I bought a couple hours ago are now gone, and instead my resources went back up as if they were never bought. I'm currently at level 50 if that helps. 

  4. Has anyone ever seen their shard counter not add up properly? I started today at 2290 and caught/bred a few eggs, but then my counter stopped at 2299 instead of 2300. Meanwhile it also says I hit my 100 shard limit. I'm super certain I've been hitting the limit each week so I thought this was kinda strange. 



  5. Yeah, looks like the old tag forms won't work anymore with the new forum. Now it's all on the bar with the other editing options. 


    Transfer form!

    Lineage Name: Virtuous

    Breeder's Name: buckskinmist

    Transfered To: helix9

    Lineage Link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Tzk2Y


    As for the lineage images, I did end up finishing them but forgot to post them. Simple but cute!


    Christmas - https://imgur.com/a/FlOHP 

    Halloween - https://imgur.com/a/kaEz4 

    Valentine's - https://imgur.com/a/MKAsf 

  6. I went on my scroll before seeing the news, and my new release Freckle dragons are up at the top, which I hadn't seen grow up yet. I thought that it was green alts! But then I realized my whole front page was green too. What can I say, yall fooled me! XD 

  7. Finally got a yellow undine to hatch after tons of breeding. It was second-to-last on my list of ungendered hatchlings I've been freezing, and the very last one I need is a summer seasonal. I'm glad to almost be done with this scroll goal! Maybe I'll even try to play the alt black lottery again. 

  8. I'd be glad to put some simple images together. I'll put them in an imgur album and send them once I finish.


    ETA: It wasn't until doing these did I realize that, besides the Pumpkin/Pygmy lines that were the same because they were the only type of pygmies at the time, we also doubled up on Embers too! They get to have two Halloween lines, the Deadly and Malevolent. Whoops? XD