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  1. I've only done one run so far as my "canon" run and I just had to pick Olivia and her love of astronomy. Bonus points for having Alice the Skywing and Craig the Nebula as part of the story too!
  2. I just bought a market CB Gold today, making it only my second one. My first? Well call me unlucky but it was from 2008! My next goal is to save up for silvers, as I own none of those as CB.
  3. I was finally able to breed the fifth xenowyrm species from this pair, a lovely Gaia. Now all that's left is an Astrapi to finish up the full set. It's taken almost two years, let's hope it doesn't take much longer!
  4. Yeah, I'm seeing the cave down as well. I was in the middle of editing my snow fort so I thought it was related to the game but I guess it's more people!
  5. The troubleshooting didn't help, so it was probably due to my browser not uploading the progress to the server. Luckily I've been adding new stuff to my fort and I've been seeing that new save spinner working, and everything is looking stable. Thanks all! 👍
  6. I just found that my item placement was reverted back to an earlier point from today. Items like the stone castle walls/towers and the chess kings I bought a couple hours ago are now gone, and instead my resources went back up as if they were never bought. I'm currently at level 50 if that helps.
  7. A couple of 2nd gen Hollies for anyone who needs em! Holly One Holly Two Enjoy. 😃
  8. Just got an awesome halloween release from Jupiter!