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  1. No luck with springs or goldens (I have a total obsession with Golden Wyverns right now, haha) but I did catch four Turpentines when they first started dropping, making two CB breeding pairs! Also got a third-gen stairstep Vine in the AP just now (which is pretty fantastic because most of the ones I catch are super-messy).
  2. Three Dorsals gendered correctly (two purples and a red) and my Black Alt gendered male to offset the two alt females already on my scroll
  3. This Purple was another one of my neat even-gen checker catches. Goodness I love AP-hunting. I also can't recall if I posted this Alt Black but it's another even-gen beauty: http://dragcave.net/lineage/BkSKb
  4. 42/42 eggs and thoroughly impressed by all the art! The animated eggs are just brilliant, and I love them all so much! Thanks for a great Easter
  5. Recently bred this pretty Pink x Moonstone checker: http://dragcave.net/lineage/mBogn Working on a similar one with male moonstones and female Sunrises. Sometimes I find pretty things in the AP and continue lineages for fun. Also caught a Vampire and Nebula egg in the AP just now. (Missed a silver tinsel though, dang it I can never catch them >__<)
  6. Beautiful Black alt from Gold x Black checker + tombstones!
  7. 18/42 and counting. I adore the designs -- you spriter-types have such talent! (also HOMESTUCK EGG <3333 i cannot wait to find it on my account)
  8. Chronological, Shenanigan and Kernelsprite are some of my recent ones.
  9. Mostly randoms, and sent a couple to specific users as well ;D I'm not telling! I think I've received three or four so far. They're so fun.
  10. Inbred but beautiful - caught just minutes ago and hatching it today! I really, really like the lineage, and it doesn't even matter to me that it's inbred. Gorgeous anyway!
  11. Thanks everyone, another great holiday! Grabbed my two new eggs and absolutely died laughing over the "I desire you for my flushed quadrant" valentine. I love whoever put that one in.
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/3MKJc - Valentine/Sunrise perfect checker! Eeee <3 That was awesome to catch as my second Val '09! (Also, congrats to whoever caught the third even-gen black Stripe I just AP-dropped! Hope it finds a good home!)
  13. HOORAY! New releases! Must... grab!
  14. http://dragcave.net/lineage/vSonK and http://dragcave.net/lineage/b74iX, caught within like five minutes of each other. They're meant to be! XP (Same breeder, I'm positive. If they refuse I will cry.)
  15. Where to begin... Chickens, Silvers, Golds, Blacks, Hollies... had a heck of a time catching the Halloween dragons in the AP during the event because there's no scroll limit and everyone's connections are faster than mine. Also Magmas.
  16. Thanks for helping raise awareness! I know a ton of people use DC so it's fantastic that you're spreading the word.
  17. Hey, all! Apologies for neglecting the topic! I'll be doing up the backlog of requests tonight, so have no fear if you were thinking I'd forgotten about you (I had forgotten, actually, but now I'm aware that I have an art topic XP).
  18. @ Caius - I like pretty Terrae/Tinsel lines too; I even have one of my own (they really only ever breed Terraes; I kept the lone pink so far) and I drop their siblings into the AP quite frequently. (If you want one, though, let me know X3 Favourite pair ever!) And I have shown her off before, in the Congrats thread, but it's one of my best even-gen AP catches ever. Dorkface-Thuwed-S'aar.
  19. Lately I've been trying to collect Tangars because all of mine were female before and I'm a huge fan of the male sprite too. Unfortunately they really like to gender female - I think I have six females and two males now? My Stripes like to gender female as well. Poor male pinks have their work cut out for them on my scroll
  20. Every time I get the "you are not quick enough and someone snatches the egg before you can get to it" message, I envision myself punching this other person in the face (I would never actually do that but it makes you wonder what this egg-grabbing business would be like in the real world!)
  21. Basically my thoughts on this.
  22. @catstaff, that is beautiful oh my god. Some people seem to have no grasp on simple logic. I work at a bookstore and I can't count the number of people who seem to think that we can magically make publishers start reprinting out-of-print books. We have a special-order service and we can actually get a lot more books than a lot of places, but if it's out-of-print it's out-of-print, and that's something that's out of our hands. The other good one is "oh I need this in two days" when it's an import-to-order book. -__-; "Ma'am I'm afraid that it takes a little longer than two days to send a request to the publisher, have them contact the international publisher, have the book shipped from England, etc."
  23. Seconding the Cheese eggs in the Volcano biome Wouldn't the eggs melt, or something? Same with Papers - you'd think they would spontaneously combust in some of those environments in which they drop!
  24. Probably been said before, but if "this egg is so tiny you almost didn't see it", why did it catch my eye out of ALL of the eggs that were sitting there? o___O I feel like the rares would catch my eye first if I was physically there at the cave
  25. I do this all the time. I swear those things cast some kind of spell over egg hunters.