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  1. Got my 2 Merry Creedmas Everybody!
  2. Man I missed the release!!!! -.-
  3. I got Genescect from Event
  4. I gotta get me some then before they become Rare!
  5. I'm still on Jirachi waiting for 4 Pokemon to get to Level 100! -.-
  6. Would be 22 that the adults come it's almost 16 here
  7. Still cold here for me cause I'm anemic and anorexic
  8. Working on getting Jirachi Egg
  9. Yuno me mouth's shut to ~Erases everyone's memory of the name
  10. That last damn Legendary Ship is impossible to beat without cheats! -.-
  11. I got mine Sunday night so I doubt I seen the name of them on here
  12. It kinda looks like the Archaeopteryx
  13. My last 3 have big holes in them