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  1. I just found the tiny light ones in the Jungle. Still looking for chilled.
  2. So I completely missed the Arcana drops on Halloween and don't know if I'm out of luck until next year...they only dropped on Halloween, right?
  3. I got "OK KO" a little while back as well as several utaite (Vocaloid cover artists) names, most notably "nqrse", "GigaP", and "Reoru".
  4. I've got 3 left--if I'm lucky, I'll get one of them.
  5. Thank you for the surprise release! I'm gonna try to get me one of those lil pink t-rexes.
  6. I remember getting an Aria and Frill at the very beginning--it's great to see others able to collect them once again, and especially with such nice sprite revamps! Just one more new egg to collect. Thank you for all the awesome changes and happy birthday DC!
  7. Has anyone ever seen an egg that had a code in all numbers...? Because I found 87355.
  8. I just saw one, so they are still dropping, but it's the first one I've ever seen.
  9. I just found "stall" [but the two 'l' are actually capital I]
  10. Happy holidays, everyone! I really, really like the way the eggs this year were sprited.
  11. I was egg-locked at the time. I have one Spessartine hatchling (which was an egg) and managed to nab one new egg from every biome except for the Volcano, which I was locked for. Ah well.
  12. I missed the Volcanic version on release because I was locked at the time, but I've yet to see any of them drop outside of the release date.
  13. Took the Pyralspite, thank you very much!! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Leaving - 2nd gen MagmaxHellfire Hellfire egg
  14. The pixelwork on both of them is absolutely gorgeous!
  15. I just got one of each, I'll be hanging around the volcano to try and get one more for the dimorphism. These eggs look great though, especially the shading on the volcano one. I'm excited to see what they'll turn into.
  16. I really wanted the Animal Crossing 3DS that I saw being released in Japan with the Animal Crossing game last November, but the region lock prevented me from buying it. I realized that the same 3DS was up for limited preorder from Best Buy in America a few weeks ago! It seems like in order to appeal to wider audiences, some of the "exclusive" Japanese 3DS systems may be coming to other countries. I do know that the Pokemon Center has a lottery for an exclusive Eevee 3DS right now, but I am not sure if that will be shipped over to the States or not...you must enter a lottery at the Pokemon Center to win an OPPORTUNITY to purchase it.
  17. I'm really excited about the multilanguage aspect. I was very angry that 3DS was region locked because that meant I could not buy Japanese games (I want to play in Japanese in order to practice my studies). While I'm still miffed in terms of Japan-exclusive games, knowing I will be able to change my language for X and Y is a godsend.
  18. ^in the same vein, I was SUPER EXCITED to find out Mega Man was going to be in the new Super Smash Brothers. But I was equally as surprised to find out that Mega Man wasn't taken....o__O
  19. I nabbed one at the last drop, thankfully. I figure if I can grab one of each egg released, I can always breed the other gender. Thank you DC! I will take good care of it. : D
  20. I'll have to wait for the next drop, grabbing didn't work for this round, understandably... Congratulations to everyone who snagged one though! The sprites for the eggs are really nice, they remind me of a tropical fish.
  21. Jurassic Park theme is a good one. I'll take some Two Steps from Hell. Hanging out in the jungle...but every biome seems kinda occupied, not surprisingly.
  22. A few minutes left...glad my scroll is open. I shall join you in the music, lavaheart.
  23. Thank you for the awesome avatars and happy birthday, DC! : ) I think I'll do the same, let's see which dragon I'd like to set... EDIT: Oops, just goes to show what happens when you're playing two sites at the same time...LOL scratch that ;;
  24. EDIT: I caught 2, but there was only one egg at a time in each biome? I guess that works, although a little strange... I'm so excited to see the new dragons next week!! : D
  25. Swizzle


    There are ways to get more PC boxes. : ) You can purchase them from the shop when the shop stock changes, if it isn't there now. And, when you max out from there, you can buy some with prize points (that you earn from site-wide events like the site shiny hunts and scavenger hunts, and the weekly poke-hunt).