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  1. Despite the awesomeness it would be to have a M/F mated pair of Prize dragons, I've decided to influence them both male so that I have a couple options - one, it will be easier to start my own prize checker (even gens for the win!). Two - since they are notorious for their poor breeding habits, I'd hate to waste the opportunity to breed for shinies each week on *one* breeding. At least with them having separate mates, I'll have two potential chances. Also, I'm not keeping a list for Pirate as of right now because in the event that Corvus doesn't breed well, I'll have an alternative in place to offer the people on my list if they get tired of waiting for a Shimmer...well, optimistically speaking of course.
  2. Good post! In my case, the only person my husband knows on DC is me, so the who you know part *is* relevant to my situation...but I'd say that's not the case for everyone. Had he not gifted his prize to me, it would've just sat on his scroll unused. He doesn't participate on the forum, and he's probably only ever bred mayyyybe a dozen eggs in his two years on DC. He's just not that active. As for people making hateful comments or causing drama because I have two prize dragons, well, all I can say is..I had just as much chance as anyone else to win. And I just happened to be married to someone who had the same luck and I was able to sweet talk him into his prize. (It actually wasn't that hard...just a few threats about him cooking his own dinner for the rest of his life, etc. JUST KIDDING!) Drama, though, is unnecessary. And to squelch the "All prize winners want an arm and a leg for a 2nd gen" rumor (or try to...again...) I have to just say "RUBBISH." To be quite honest, a lot of my decisions on who I trade with is not based on what is offered, but rather HOW they offered. Also, how they act on the forums. If a lot of drama surrounds them in the raffle threads, or they've been part of the "prize winners suck" chorus, well, even if they offered me a baby unicorn, I'm not going to trade with them. Being polite goes a LONG way. Being hateful because you didn't win (not disappointed...I understand that! Trust me, I've been here six years. I'm very familiar with DC disappointment) doesn't get you far at all with me.
  3. Yep, that's the namesake of my prize, lol. This might be the most undignified Shimmerscale ever! If you think that picture is funny, you should see some of his other faces/expression. He truly is the goofiest dog ever. (And my pit bull is the hippo around here. When she's not imitating a piglet, anyways LOL)
  4. Well, here are mine, with an explanation of the codes.. First, Hubby's - which he gifted to me because he doesn't get to play often and figured it would be better utilized on my scroll since I play daily. Meet Pipes His formal name is to be P1RATE, named after my beloved kitty who went missing in July of last year and still have not been found. And then the one I won: Meet Beets His formal name is to be C0RVUS, named after the silly dog in my avatar. His nickname is Beetle, which is often shortened to "Beets", so it only seemed appropriate to name my prize dragon after my real life prize. <3
  5. Seriously. I thought we already had the "Prize Winners Suck" fest on the other raffle thread. Congrats to everyone who won. Try not to let the "you don't deserve it/you're greedy evil sinners for winning a prize" or similar posts get you down. *Hooray!*
  6. SQUEEE! *stares at the shiny* Thank you!
  7. Ooh, if you are in need of a bloodswap, I'm working on the same lineage. I've made it to 4th gen then got tied up with other things..
  8. After trying for weeks, I've finally caught another CB Copper. I've seen them, I've just not been able to catch them. It was starting to aggravate my OCD to not catch one, once I started thinking about it.
  9. In my "OMG I WON SOMETHING..NO WAY!!!!!1" frenzy, I completely forgot to do a screen capture. I clicked on the link again to make sure it was true, but all I get now is "2013 Holiday Raffle. Thank you, your prize choices have been saved. " I think I may need to be pinched. Seriously, I never win anything. Congrats to everyone else who has won, and don't give up to the people that didn't. Seriously, if I can win something, EVERYONE has a shot. I haven't figured out exactly *what* I'm going to do with mine yet. I do know I want to do some 2nd gen swaps with other winners. I want to do a Shimmer checker. I am far more into even gens than stairs, so getting some 2nd gen swaps will be my first priority. I'll breed for trades most definitely, but I also love gifting as well. I do plan on making a Prize-Fail list for the 2nd gens that aren't shiny. Oh man, so much to think about! Eeee!
  10. Having had an abortion, I can tell you that unless you've made that walk into a clinic and endured the picketers, protesters and other just downright CRUEL people shouting at you and wishing you death and eternal damnation for your choice, you can't possibly know just how very malicious pro-birthers can be. I had things thrown at me, I was spit on, I was cursed at and called a *. I can be ignorant about things without being an a**hole. I will not use being uneducated/uninformed about something as an excuse to wish harm or ill will on someone. That's not being uninformed, that's just being a poor excuse for a human.
  11. Aw shucks, thanks! And anyone needing mates for that lineage, let me know. I've been sporadically working on it off and on for about a year or so. I think I'm up to 5th gen with it now. I have to take breaks because the color-fails drive me bonkers.
  12. Not to answer for the OP, but from their first post; first sentence: Sounds like plans for a checker to me.
  13. I should also add I worked 55 hours this week. Staying up til midnight in anticipation of the "black friday release" was more than I could handle, since I have to be up at 4 am most days. I wasn't able to do it two nights in a row. But that's besides the point...I'm not crying because I wasn't able to stay up til Midnight - it was just part of the reasoning behind my agreeing with a 24 hour drop. My point is that everyone should have the same "perk" as everyone else regardless of their time zone in that they can hunt without commons mixed in. "Time Zone Friendly" means exactly what you posted - a 24 hour flood drop so that everyone, regardless of their time zone, can participate in the new releases without having to deal with the commons mixed in already.. I'm pretty sure we're on the same page.
  14. I have to agree with this. Staying up til midnight is just not feasible for me most nights..and even if I set my alarm to get up earlier than I normally do in the morning, I'm still met with 200 people AND commons already mixed in. I'm old. I love DC, but I'm just not going to alter my sleeping schedule just so I can *maybe* catch new releases. I would hope TJ would consider making the new releases Time Zone Friendly for everyone.
  15. I would MUCH rather go to the AP to find a wall of well bred mints than to go to the AP and sort through a mess of hideous, messy commons that were bred with no purpose. 42 breeds nice eggs. Regardless of breed, it's nice to hunt for nice eggs. It's hardly ever my goal to go to the AP and sort through dozens of commons that come from a lineage that's all over the place and wasn't bred with any thought or purpose in mind. Whenever I notice that someone is breeding garbage, I just do something else for a while. I was never all that lucky with finding diamonds in the rough.
  16. Bah humbug! LOL. I'm having a terrible time with this release. I was hoping I would at least manage to catch something nice with the misclicks, but no dice! I saw several CB Coppers and gobs of the new eggs..but when I went to check my scroll, even my misclicks failed to catch anything. I've been trying since 6 am and I've nabbed one lonely lil new egg. Not a very impressive success rate, lol. I think I'll wait til the lag clears some. The last hourly drop resulted in a loading icon for 3 minutes. By the time the page loaded, the eggs were all gone. Drats!! They do look quite lovely though. Can't wait to see the adults.
  17. FINALLY! Whew, it only took me forever to get to the 5th gen. Now I just need some *please please please be green* luck. And a reminder to stop doing lineages with Nebulas because it's such a nightmare, lol.
  18. Thanks for the love and hugs. I didn't mean to spill my guts like that but it just all came gushing out. I'm not ashamed of my decision, but I do take it personally when I read about people that are so gung ho to take the rights of another away. Had I been forced to carry that child to term, I can almost guarantee that I would have taken my own life. Hopelessness is a very powerful feeling and motivator. People who want to condemn other for choices they don't agree with need to consider that they don't always know as much as they think they do about the burdens another person carries.
  19. This sums it up perfectly for me. Short and to the point. Here's my story - This is going to be hard to post - I've never shared these things with anyone before. I apologize for the rambling I am prone to doing when I get to typing. I grew up hating my life. Hating my parents, hating everything. My mother didn't want to be a mother, but she enjoyed using me as leverage against my father. She resented me, she resented the responsibility of me, she resented my father's attention and affections towards me. When I was around 12 years old, after my father left again, I found a letter she had wrote to him. I am 38 years old now, but I will never forget what I read...In the letter, she was trying to lure him back by using me. Telling him I was a mistake she never wanted, and that I was his child to deal with. But he wouldn't come back because of her. No matter how much he loved me, he stayed away because if he came back, she made things worse on me. As I aged, I attempted suicide several times, ran away, got in trouble, hated my life. I uttered the phrase "I wish I had never been born" so many times it became my mantra. My father came and went and came back again, and each time it took a little more of my heart. By the time I was old enough to move out, I felt like a worthless shell of nothing. My father had started getting physical with me over the most minor of things. Slamming me against walls, hitting me, choking me out. My mother egged him on. She told him I did horrible things just to see him hurt me. They were lies, but he listened to her because if he didn't act against me, she made his life hell. Anyways, I guess my point is....I'll truly never know if I was a mistake or if it was another one of my mother's sick manipulations. I never told my parents I found that letter. Some things are best unanswered, but I feel like I know the answer in my heart. And though I'm "okay" now, I still feel like I should've never been born. I wish my mother would've had an abortion. No child should ever grow up feeling unwanted and unloved. If my mother would have have an abortion, I would've never endured what I endured. I just simply wouldn't have been. And before anyone asks "Well aren't you glad you're alive now?" ... I'll go ahead and answer: I'm ambivalent. I've got good days and bad days, just as anybody else does. My father and I have repaired our relationship, as much as it could be repaired. My mother and I are civil, but we do not talk often. I moved away. I have chronic physical pain because my mother chose to drink while she was pregnant. I have bone and joint problems that I was born with. I was born premature and my lungs weren't fully formed. I will always have some degree of breathing problems. But none of that touches on the mental damage that knowing you weren't wanted causes. I have trouble forming relationships. I dated abusive guys who treated me the only way I knew how to be treated..what I thought I deserved because hey, if my parents treated me this way then it's normal, right? The last one tried to kill me. Like legitimately tried to end my life. I was in a coma for almost a week. I didn't care. I longed for death. I have trust issues, anger issues, and I will always struggle with the demons in my head that tell me I'd have been better off dead. I have anxiety, I have seriously self destructive tendencies. I am EXTREMELY empathetic, but you would likely never know it - I am emotionally vacant to most people. So yeah, I survived it. I'm alive. But define "alive"... I will never agree with taking a woman's right to have an abortion away. There are too many children who grow up the way I did. My ex (the one that tried to kill me) was also sexually abusive. If he wanted to have sex and I didn't, that didn't stop him. I got pregnant. I really didn't think I could...I had been anorexic for so long that I no longer had periods. But I did. I had an abortion. I had a hysterectomy a few years later. I won't repeat the cycle. I feel no remorse about the abortion. I would've felt far worse bringing a life into this world that I am not emotionally equipped to handle. Nor could I love something that hate and anger and violence created. So that's my story. And why, when I read people's post that imply people who have abortions are evil, or sick, or murders, I have to take a moment to remind myself that they probably haven't a CLUE about what leads someone down that road. The desperation, the fear, the sorrow....And if after reading my story, you still think I'm a murderer, well...all I can say is you can't call me anything that would hurt more than what I've been called before so, have at it. (sorry for the novel. guess i've been holding this in for a while. )
  20. I bred those! Glad you both like them.
  21. I've had danes for over 20 years. Love them dearly, but I won't have another. Not for a while anyways. We euthanized our 8 year old dane, Hannah, on July 1st. I've just dealt with so much heartache owning them. They truly are a heartbreak breed. Health problems, temperament problems..and they are EXPENSIVE to own. I'm not rich by any means, but spending $300 a month on special diet and medications for her various issues certainly didn't help. That figure is not including her vet appts, chiropractic appointments and other sudden needs that cropped up due to her problems. (That's not to say she wasn't worth it...she totally was worth every penny.) They are not for the faint of heart. I wish it were different, but greedy people and unethical breeders certainly have made a mess out of my favorite breed. My sweet girl, when she was younger: And in keeping with the spirit of the thread, here is my other dog, Corvus (the one in my avatar): And as of October 27th, we are a two dog household again. Meet Ditto, our American Pit Bull Terrier. She is a doll: I also have cats too, even though I am primarily a dog person.
  22. I cleared 6 blockers in the alpine last night, only to have someone else grab the CB Gold that came in behind them. Ten minutes I sat in that stupid biome with zero movement. Four people in there. And I miss it. Clearing blockers ALWAYS backfires on me.
  23. Aww, I'm so glad it went to someone who appreciates it! I bred all my CB Blacks and Vines that night and sent about 20 eggs or so off to the AP, hoping at least some of them would alt and make for some happy hunters!
  24. Request: I need a 2nd gen Summer from a male Holly X female Winter as a mate for this 2nd gen Thuwed. I will be gifting the 3rd gen offspring, if I can just find her a Summer mate before time runs out and the seasons switch. If anyone can help me, please PM me! And I'm more than willing to "pay" you for your troubles. Thanks!