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    I am terribly sorry to all of those who I owed things to, especially all the amazing people who made amazing trade offers for the Prize Dragon I won as well as the Prize Dragon my husband won.

    As you probably know by now, I was accused of multi-scrolling and my scroll, as well as my two stepdaughters' scrolls were burned with no warning and no explanation.

    Prior to the prize dragons being handed out, I personally asked TJ via PM if my husband's Prize Dragon being transferred to me would be any problem and I was told no. Within a day or two of the egg being sent to me by my husband, my scroll and my two stepdaughters' scrolls were burned.

    The only explanation I received upon asking TJ "Your account activity is suspicious. I replied asking for clarification and was ignored. Months later, I never have received clarification. It's lovely to know how a long term member of this game is treated. My stepdaughters were devastated, as was I.

    Anyways I made great friends and I miss you all. My email address is danegrrrl at hotmail dot com if anyone wants to stay in touch.

    So long!

    ***Below is the notice that has been in my profile since Day One. Guess it was ignored as well***

    *Note to staff: there are three other people in this household that play DC, usually on my computer. Sometimes the hubs logs in on his computer, or lets the kids use his, but that is rare as it is his work computer. I do catch/breed things for them from time to time, and sometimes they catch/breed things for me.