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  1. Every Breath You Take by the Police creeps me out. Especially as I hear it played at weddings so often. You listen to the lyrics, it's clearly about a stalker. Even the guy that wrote it (Sting) say's it's a sinister, dark song. And yet poeple seem to constantly misinterpret it. Creepy. Muchly.
  2. Stone dragons breeding with Mints.... I don't even want to being thinking about how they managed that....
  3. Dare I ask.... has anyone actualy been hit with a Mohawk Grendade yet?
  4. Quite apparently I'm a female mint. I'll never cease to be amazed by the fact that my name - categorical male over here in the UK - seem to be given to girls sometimes in the Staes...
  5. I'd rather not see htis, personaly. But that *is* a person preference and I'm not intending to provide a long list of reasons. I'm just stating I don't like it.
  6. FYI the Death Gate Cycle by Weiss & Hickman is full of little notes down the bottom of pages as well. But they're not funny in the way Pratchett is. Gotta say I think Pratchett is a master of observational satire. He's done a bang-up job of translating British humour into the written word. Edit: typos
  7. Green Day. Not even an argument. While it may not sound much like it to guys these days Green Day were original. They were one of the first bands to make it big with that kind of sound. Many of the others these days are following in their footsteps. And I'm afaid the followers will never be as good as the band that broke the new ground. Stop listening to the current albums for a bit, and go back to listen to their mid-90's stuff. Listen to Dookie, listen to Nimrod... and compare that to the other stuff that was around in the 90's. Dookie defined a generation, and I really can'y say anything Paramore have done is on the same level.
  8. Boatman by the Levellers. I don't know why, but that one will end up in my head for days if I'm not careful. I like to song, but occasionaly it gets repetitive when you've been thinking it for that long
  9. I always thought 'Guards Guards' was a good one to start with - the first I r4ead certainly. I've also heared Colour of Magic recommended as a starter.
  10. *snigger* Dragons Gone Wild 3 - Wild in Washington! I can see it on the top shelf of the video store now... I like this idea, though. It would certainly be of interest to me to see the release dats of wild dragons in my lineage. It would also let people know wether or not their dragon was bred while they were wild, or before they were released.
  11. I've space to breed - and can take a request for pretty well any of my males to try breeding with my CB silver Moonlight for those needing an egg
  12. I do like 'quest' as an idea. And it really doesn't have to be anything epic. A friend of mine will frequently say he's "questing for fire" when all he's really after is a lighter. I'm almost tempted to say that the more ridiculous items that could be turned up by 'questing' the better. After all... who's to say a dragon knows what's valuble in human terms? They may just be collecting things they find beautiful/amusing/interesting.
  13. I'd love to see this as an option. 90% of my dragons have been settled with permanent mates, and it would make life so much easier if I didn't have to go scrolling through the list every time trying to spot the one that's their mate. I'd say threre would need to be a 'find new mate' option that would bring the full list up, for those instances when you need/want to shuffle couples around a little, but other than that I'm all for it!
  14. Interesting suggestion of mine.... d'you suppose they tase like ostritch?
  15. I had a black, a pebble, a red and a magi.... and I'm also starting to feel 'old' seeing people list as their first ones dragons I remember being released.
  16. Hey there! I think you know about the silver x stone one I'm working on (it's got it's own thread anyway) but I thought I'd drop a head in here to say - I really like what you guys are working on! If you need anny help, let me know. I'm happy to do what I can, even if I won't be participating. I've also got a CB silver and CB white that like each other, so if anyone wants any 2nd gen eggs (normally white, I'm afraid) for the project you are most welcome to ask for them.
  17. . Always get's stuck in my head for ages. Incidently I'ved used that particular vid because I was at the festival.... There are better ones around but that had memories associated. The mud was terrible!
  18. While I, personaly, am not a fan of WOW (I find the graphics a little too cartooney for my liking, plus I dislike having to pay a subscription for a game I've alreayd bought) I'd like to know whjy you have such a thing against Blizzard? I hope you aren't judging the developers on the strength of a single game you didn't like - because if you are you may be ruling yourself out of a lot of fun.