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  1. Path of Exile for the PC. It's the game D3 *should* have been. If you enjoyed the Diablo series you seriously need to go play PoE.
  2. I don't know about the others, but I *do* know that the intention of the SteamBox is to allow you to play anything you can get on Steam via your TV. Which is interesting, certainly, as there's a load of games on Steam that aren't actually console games at all. The old arcade type games have some popularity due to nostalgia, to be fair. There's a load of people my age wanting to play the game they remember fondly from their younger years (If they bring out Dragon Crystal, I'm buying it!)
  3. *pssst* River is an awesome Mum of a trans* kid. *Last* person you want to accuse of being locked into viewing people by gender stereotype.
  4. I have voted 'No' because, lets face it, nothing anyone geeks out over can actually be described as 'cool'. Geeking out over stuff is pretty much the antithesis of cool. And I'm down with that. It's not my fandom. Largely because the art style *really* annoys me - I have the same issue with anime. But, hey, if it *is* your thing I'm happy for you. Just please God don't try to convert me once I've said "Not my thing.", because that's a sure fire way to make me actively start *hating* something (see anime. Fan boys turned 'Not my thing' into active severe dislike). Yeah, I know I was that kind of person in my early teens - in my case total inability to read facial expressions meant that I didn't realise I was boring people. Now I *know* I've deliberately curbed it, so people don't get bored by dragons unless they've actually asked for it. All fandoms have their bad side. This *is* the internet, and Rule 34 applies (sometimes also off the internet - lest we forget 30 Shades started as Twilight fan-fic). Some, admittedly, are more vocal about it than others. And that sucks, because it really can taint genuine enjoyment of the original by people. Don't judge a fandom by it's perverts. You would, for example, get a very warped idea of the Pern fandom if you only read the X-lists. TL:DR - Bronies are not 'cool', because no fandom is actually 'cool'. Beyond that? Live and let live.
  5. I'm not asking you to understand the systems that everyone comes from - I'm just saying don't expect the rest of the world to be as crappy as the US, and get massively wound up from there. Because guys, really, it's coming across very much as if you're attacking people that are *supporting* choice.
  6. I know most of you are in teh US - but please try to remember that several of us *aren't* and that just because something works that way where *you* are doesn't mean it works in anything approaching the same way where we are. The US healthcare system has major failings *period*, and suggestions made by people that are not from the US would obviously not be taking that into account.
  7. Or make sure they're supported to make whatever decision they wish, and to help make sure they're happy and mentally stable throughout. That would be what was implied by 'Impartial'. Edit: @Erica - might be because you guys seem to be putting a spin on eveything that comes across as anti-abortion, when I, certainly, am 99.99% sure that wasn't what was meant. To a certain extent part of me isn't sure the hostility isn't coming because it's men posting.
  8. And does, in the UK. While I do understand that there are issues in the States, it is not the only place in which abortion discussions take place. As far as I have been able to tell at no point has Totts suggested that acess to abortions should be restricted for any reason. Y'all have just latched onto the idea that people should perhaps discuss the *why* first, and look at what the alternatives are, and turned it into the idea that Totts is suggesting that abortions should be restricted. Seriously, guys, I understand you may be defensive but dog-piling on someone for something they didn't actually say isn't really going to help at all.
  9. Totts didn't say "Shouldn't be allowed" though. The phrase was "Should be encouraged not to." which is totally different. And, yeah guys, you're coming off as pretty hostile.
  10. Guys, I think you just assumed someone was anti-choice and went a little OTT. I don't feel that suggesting other options is the same as denying people abortions. Really.
  11. No great surprises there - I've taken an MBTI a few times and it always comes out the same: Test 1: ISTJ Introversion (I): |||||||||||||||||||| 79.41% Extroversion (E): ||||| 20.59% Intuition (N): ||||||| 28.57% Sensation (S): |||||||||||||||||| 71.43% Thinking (T): |||||||||||||||||||||||| 95.83% Feeling (F): | 4.17% Judging (J): |||||||||||||||||||| 78.57% Perceiving (P): ||||| 21.43% Test 2: Most Likely: ISTJ or Second Possibility: ISTP or Third Possibility: ESTJ Your Introverted Sensation (Si) is very developed. Your Introverted Intuition (Ni) is moderate. Your Extroverted Sensation (Se) is moderate. Your Introverted Thinking (Ti) is moderate. Your Extroverted Thinking (Te) is moderate. Your Extroverted Feeling (Fe) is moderate. Your Introverted Feeling (Fi) is moderate. Your Extroverted Intuition (Ne) is low.
  12. *shrugs* As I said - to a lot of people that's a lot of money. God only knows that's a lot of money to me. If that was the *only* price I could get games at, I wouldn't ever get any new ones. Thank God for Steam Sales.
  13. Actually if you look at policy the Conservatives (Tories) are more Center than the Democrats. You need to look at this wiki link for the current party known as the 'Tories'.
  14. You guys say that about game pricing - but it's been shown repeatedly during steam sales that they make more profit when the price is dropped. That's not just shift more sales (which they do, to be fair) that's actual profit that goes up dramatically. I think I've raised this before. To me it seems basic maths. Sell, say, 2 games at £60 and the total is £120. Because the people that paid £60 are the ones that really wanted it. Priced at £15? You'll probably sell 10 for ever 2 you sold at £60. Because far more people will be willing to take a stab at at game they're unsure of when it's that price. The lower the price, the higher that portion of people willing to give it a go becomes. And once they've bought the game, does it really matter if they fall in love and continue playing it? And, lets face it, the cost of getting the game to the consumer is not where the massive costs lie - that's in development. Cost is minimal if you're selling the digital download, and it's not much higher to ship a physical copy (although I recognise that stores do have overheads). So, yeah, I'm actually pretty certain that lowering the price would bring more money in at the end of the day - simply because you'd sell a hell of a lot more.
  15. Actually the biggest driver for piracy is the lack of proper demos these days. People don't want to shell out that much money if they don't know what they're getting for it. Pirating is becoming a way of demoing the game before people buy it. I'm pretty damned certain that if there were more decent demos out there, people would be pirating less. Sales may even increase, because people that found a really good demo may well go on to buy the game. Ever more agressive DRM is also increasing pirating - as the reason games were cracked in the first place (and this is many years ago) was to get around having to change disc ever few minutes (BG2 - I'm looking at you. 5 ruddy discs just for gameplay - is it any wonder people wanted it cracked?). If you've got akward restrictions on getting at the game, it's just a reason for the pirates to make life less akward.
  16. Re my post on this last year - they're now actively looking for MS. Fun. I'm hoping this bout of whatever-it-is doesn't get so bad I need a walking stick again.
  17. I think, guys, you are looking at the difference between absolute vs relative truth. Relative truth is the one being argued where each person's own spiritual path is true for them. Absolute truth would hold that there *is* (or isn't, depending on which side you are looking at) an all powerful devine being who sets rules and boundaries for behaviour and conduct that are absolute in the same way a civil law would be. For instance: 'I like blue' is a relative truth - it is true for me, but other people do not like blue and their 'truth' on blue is as valid as mine is. Now let us say that (for whatever bizzare reason you choose to think of - I blame Nuggan and kudos if you get the reference) the colour blue has been made illegal. I may still like blue, but (legally) I would be wrong for doing so. This is the crux of the difference in conversation, here. Edit to add: Both uses of 'truth' *are* valid, but people do need to understand which is being discussed otherwise there will be miscommunication.
  18. Thanks cladus for providing a much more authoritative summary than I can My information has been gleaned from the muslims I've worked with over the years. I was, incidently, working in a predominantly muslim area of a local town on the day of Eid recently - and the warmth and friendliness from everyone was lovely. I know I'm a little delayed, but Eid Mubarak cladus!
  19. To the best of my knowledge, yes. Although their abstaining is total nil-by-mouth. No food, no liquids of any kind. Not until the evening meal taken after sundown (and I believe there are restrictions on what that is too). Also various medical conditions (including menstruating - blood loss can do funny things to you) allow one to delay the fast until a medically more suitable time. Dehydration can be a very serious issue, though, which is why I'd advise being very careful during any long fast.
  20. Uh, yeah. We like to moan and grumble about the NHS (it's quite a popular passtime) but pretty much no one in the UK would want the American system. We *do* think you're all crazy, but in the "What do you mean it's going to cost me money if I need an ambulance?!?" kind of way. That assuming you're talking to someone who even knows about US healthcare, or the political issues surrounding it. There's a load of people in the UK that just *assume* the US has universal healthcare because every other developed country does.
  21. Fasting can actually be very good for you (I've done it myself, although being Christian I did it over Lent). I would not, perhaps, advise the avoidance of drinking water during your fast (which is traditional during the Ramadan fast) if you are not accustomed to it. Dehydration can be dangerous, and all religions will emphasise that people should not be fastig to the point of making themselves unwell.
  22. No worries man, opinion sharing doesn't have to descend into flames To be fair, we're pretty limited in English only having one word for 'love', when that one word covers a lot of concepts. The Greeks had *four*. The 'love' to which you are refering is probably 'Eros' - which I admit probably *is* possible at first sight. For me the deeper forms of love - Agape, Phillia and/or Storge - require time and knowledge.
  23. I believe in lust at first sight, yes. But to me, love is something that takes time to truly grown and develop into a deep bond between two people.
  24. Totally OT obs on this - I used to work with a Spaniard who *hated* it when Americans attempted to speak Spanish to him. Turns out that because they'd all learn Spanish from Mexicans that, combined with a US accent, made it almost impossible for him to understand them. So, yeah, learning a language from someone that has a heavy accent may not help you with other speakers of that language. (And, as addendum to that, I learnt German from a Bavarian, and I'm told my German has a noticeable Bavarian accent).
  25. Yeah, see that's the stuff that's 100% psychological. I've seen plenty of people happily eat something, only to go slightly green when told what it was. @Nectaris - Been working on him slowly for a decade now, I think I'm cool