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  1. State of Decay. Really good game, actually.
  2. Love the reply, though! Edit: Although I admit the whole thing does read to me like a massive send up, rather than something serious. Have you guys never seen 'joke' advice columns? Metal Hammer's 'Ask Jurgen' column being a case in point.
  3. *loves flowers and happiness* Depression issues are hardly surprising, though. When you wake up every day in a body that horrifies you it's a little difficult. Especially when you have to deal with things related to that bodies sex. Things like shaving, using the loo, having periods... all are horrible reminders that your body isn't right.
  4. It's also the reason for the over-perscription problems I've heard described in the US. Doctors get paid by the drugs companies to prescribe things.
  5. And that ^ dear friends is why the Nationalised Health Care in the UK costs me less than Health Insurance in the States costs you, while at the same time providing good care for everyone regardless of employment status.
  6. I'm not at school so... If you're including workplace - no idea, because I only see my colleages, like, once a month.
  7. I think it'll be the spectrum concept - there are poeple that are somewhat worse affected than others, although it all comes under the same heading. What they're probably saying is that, yes, you're diagnoseable, but possibly only just.
  8. Not currently, although it's a possibility. I can work with the Aspergers, but current medical issues.... if it does turn out to be MS then it's a case of 'just a matter of time'. I pretty much have to face up to the idea that there will come a time in my life when I'm no longer physically capable of working.
  9. Part of the problem with voluntary donations to charities is that a lot of the money ends up being spent on advertising to get more money in, shop space to sell stuff, staff etc. A larger percentage of the cash can go to *actually* helping people when it's coming from government funding. That's just my take on it, though. Personally I'd rather pay higher taxes and know the oney is going to those who need it than donate cash to charities where there's a good chance my money is going to advertising. (Note - this doesn't mean I *don't* donate. I just don't do it to charities that advertise on TV).
  10. You'd get away with it if you had an American accent So I wouldn't worry too much. Seasons Greetings, to be fair, is usually used in cards and rarely by people.
  11. Yeah, I've enough US relatives to know you call them vacations. But knowing what the word holiday actually means in the UK I hope you can understand why over here it reeks of being an overly-PC US import. Correct non-denominational greetings in the UK would be 'Seasons Greetings'! Which I have no problem with. But 'Happy Holidays'? Sure to make me want to strangle someone.
  12. I could name any one of a dozen people at my level of the business I'm in that could do a better job than our regional manager, just as an FYI. There's a saying about 'promoted to the level of incompetance' that may well apply (to whit - if you do the job well, you get promoted. Until the point in time you *can't* do the job well. Then you stay at the level of the job you can't do, rather than being demoted to the one you were good at). @Cladus - the system you both live in and from the sounds of it your ideal system are *not* pure Capitalism. They have large Socialist elements. The idea of *any* service being provided free by the government (including education and healthcare) inherantly goes against basic capitalist ideals. Capitalism, at it's base, means you get what you pay for - and if you can't pay for it you don't get anything. The system you are describing is closer to the European hybrid systems than to pure Capitalism. The US is closer to pure Capitalism, but things like State-funded education at any level are also Socialist ideas. As far as I can see there's a major problem with the Capitalist ideals that I've rarely seen adressed - the emphasis on growth. Nothing can grow indefinitely, and completely unrestricted, without being detrimental to the things around it. And yet Western economies continually emphasise growth as the be all and end all. There will come a time when the system implodes because continual unrestricted growth simply isn't sustainable in the long term. Communism has never worked in practise on a large scale because of the basics of human nature. That doesn't mean that it's ideals are bad ones, though. In essence it's been good idea, bad application. The fact that communes do happily exist in several places show that the ideas can work as long as everyone is commited to the ideal - the problem when applying it to a country is that not everyone can possibly be commited to the same ideal. And, well, the biggest lumps always rise to the top. You get people in power that are there for their own benefit, and not because they're commited to the ideal. And, yes, the wealth distribution in the US is quite frightening. Although it wouldn't surprise me to find it wasn't too dissimilar here in the UK. You only have to compare average wages to City bonuses to work that out. The mean average UK salary, as far as I've been able to work out, is around £28k per annum. That's the *mean* average, not the modal or median. The average City bonus? £12k. Nearly half the average wage in bonuses alone. So there you go. Long, rather rambly, and with the exception of one paragraph not really addressed to anyone in particular.
  13. I admit I've not read the whole thread - but I'd just like to throw out there that 'holidays' doesn't have the same meaning (at least in the part of the UK I'm in) that it seems to in the US. To me 'Happy Holidays!' is what you say to someone when they're off on, well, holiday for the summer. So from a UK perspective the use of 'Happy Holidays' at Christmas time is a US import that irritates me more than a tad.
  14. Big storm heading our way. Met Office still aren't sure exactly how bad it's going to be. Crossing fingers & hoping it's not like '87 again.
  15. It's prescription only in the UK, Sock. But then it's also totally free (as is the GP visit to get said prescription) so...
  16. But should anyone's *moral* judgements (which is what this is) have any bearing on another person's actions? I, personally, think divorce is an extremely bad thing that shouldn't be happening - and yet I would never suggest that divorce should be anything other than 100% legal and available in all circumstances.
  17. Makes me quite glad contraceptives are actually free in the UK if you have the prescribed by your doctor. Shame they still won't offer sterelisations to people that don't already have kids and/or are under 35, but hey...
  18. Not an Atheist (Christian, as it happens, specifically Anglican), but I'll usually use a lowecase 'g' if talking in generalities, and an upper case 'G' if speaking of my own beliefs, or specifically about Christianity. If speaking to Muslims I will use Allah, and if I know the name of the specific pagan deity being referenced I will also use that.
  19. This was my reaction. There's all kinda of failing to make sense in that decision.
  20. Scientific field of study in quantum physics as it happens. Allies to String Theory (see M-Theory). So not at all restricted to the realms of fiction, or ineligable as a hypothesis in an informed debate.
  21. Re: the vegan thing, that's not actually something I could do either. My digestion simply wouldn't cope with it. I have enough trouble with the amount of veg we eat as it is, goodness only knows what would happen if I didn't have any meat to bind it up. [/tmi]
  22. There's a brilliant Vegan Pizza tent at one of the festivals I go to. They hand make 'em to order on site. I suppose you *could* call it fast food... but that's fast food that's actually really good for you (especially if you have their proper vegan one without cheese. They'll also do with cheese for people, and do have ham available as a topping because they know not everyone there is vegan).
  23. I agree about ridiculous prices being charged for some 'designer' breeds - especially when you must remember that these dogs can't actually be registered with a Kennel Club. All the pedigree papers of the parent dogs show is that good breeding practises have been used in the past. But as far as any registration body is concerned a 'designer' breed (those with portmanteau names) is no different to a mutt in a rescue center. That said - crossbreeds can be, and often are, lovely lovely dogs. And that shouldn't be taken away from them. We had a wonderful Gordon Setter cross (we think with either a Collie or a Springer) that we hand-reared from a week old and who stayed with us for life. And to a certain extent there can be really good reasons for specific crosses, especially when you're looking for certain traits. Let's remember, here, that the Labradoodle was originally bred in order to train guide dogs for blind people with allergies. Some 'designer' breeds may, one day, become recognised breeds in their own right. But only if breeders are working with them, breeding F2s, F3s etc, and trying to fix they type. In a lot of cases this isn't happening, because breeders are simply repeating the original crosses (with the associated wide variety of results). I believe the Labradoodle is one of the few that actually *is* being worked upon - laregly because of the desire for Labrador temperament dogs that don't shed so badly. @Totts - I'm glad you have a dog that you love and are happy with! At the end of the day *that* is the most important thing. Whether it's a pedigree, a 1st-gen cross, or a Heinz 57.