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  1. The adult sprites are lovely, I can't wait to start breeding them. They will defiantly be a breed that I will be hoarding
  2. My first dragon Name: Malven Egg Stolen on: Aug 31, 2008 Hatched on: Sep 03, 2008 Grew up on: Sep 09, 2008
  3. I've added some new T's to my collection, 3 slings, 2 Juveniles (Posted to me next Tuesday) and a female adult. Slings P Papuanus S sp. 2 P Goliath Juveniles P rubiseta P Goliath Female Not sure what species she is, Selenotypus or selenotholus Warning: Spider images in links Selenotypus sp. 2 Phlogius sp. Goliath Adult Female The first little guy is about 9mm and the second is 19mm I'm looking to add some Scorpions as well, not sure which species to get though.
  4. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: isstiautng
  5. I didn't realize that I was locked when I bred my holly and they auto-abandoned Yay for no limits
  6. Finally caught my first one The adults look very nice. Edit: caught a second
  7. The hatchies are so cute. No luck catching them yet. Caught some
  8. My entry: Link The ant is about 3mm long and you can't see the aphid without looking through the viewfinder.
  9. Saw and missed my first copper in the forest just then
  10. The adults look lovely Need to stock up on the Duotone Dragon, I've only been catching and trading for the Opals because of their rarity.
  11. The gendered hatchies are adorable Still haven't managed to catch an opal yet and I have been on the computer on and off since the new release started
  12. Managed to catch 3 "can’t seem to make up its mind" ones. Can't seem to catch the opal ones :/
  13. I have about 47 with a few more coming my way.
  14. The adults look lovely, can't pick my favourite between the two.
  15. Finally got 2 of each, the hatchies are so cute and one was an awsome code: http://dragcave.net/lineage/lHHBO HBO
  16. Cool a new release, I was wondering why I was suddenly able to catch the eggs I wanted off the ap
  17. Best GOT episode by far Can't wait for next week.
  18. I have yet to see a copper egg in the cave
  19. Mushrooms in my backyard http://oi39.tinypic.com/2k3mgx.jpg
  20. Oh wow, I just read the hatchie description. That is adorable "This hatchling’s behavior is not cute at all; It keeps trying to kick and bite you." The adult sprites are lovely