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  1. A very inappropriate Turpentine Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/fu69U If you're a gamer you may often wee people yelling L2P NOOB!, well JD here needs to L2P also : http://dragcave.net/lineage/L2PjD
  2. t/view/C0WRp:[/url] COW or COWR view/LUbvv:[/url] the new valentine with the appropriate code of love view/MtEhO:[/url] lol always look at it like it says Meth t/view/W0Nkb:[/url] I WON -egg spam removed, use lineage links-
  3. LOL one of my Egg IDs is: LUbvv (get it?)
  4. YAY got 2 already Lucky Birthday V-Day, my B-Day
  5. seeing good ones are nice, but it's all too easy to screw up and look wierd
  6. I used to have a gaia account, but it got banned and I gave up, stupid staff. you can still see my character and profile if you search BlackStar159 which is also my account name on this forum :3 I got some really good stuff too
  7. Tattoos look good on some people, but I don't think I am one of them. I also don't like how it's permanent (unless you laser it off) and I don't like piercing and stuff at all. My math teacher has at least 2, one on the back of his neck, and one on his (bicep?) area.
  8. "It's the end of the world as we know it" "Life is overrated" "Life is cheap"
  9. Sexism exists towards both males and females whether people like it or not. We are trained since childhood of certain sexist assumptions (in general) like "boys play with action figures and sports while girls play with barbies and dress up as fairies and such" and although that is a kind of general statement, the concept can be applied elsewhere. ie. only men can play pro football, nursing is considered a women's profession and many more. so sexism exists and is ingrained in us since childhood and although we can try and suppress such sexist thoughts, it can still pop up.
  10. I find this to be a great discussion Carnivorous I agree completely that we have to have things like art and caring and wonder about the world, I am just stating that that is like an addition towards humanity and that if we did not exist, and therefore such art and contemplations did not exist the world would most likely not be worse off. Then again, those animals that you say are around humans are already "naturally friendly" ie. dogs, and therefore kind of invalidates that part of your point. And the only time that other animals are around humans are in zoos where we go an gawk at them, and watch them for our own entertainment, not very loving I think. Also, neither you nor I nor anyone else can say what animals really think and therefore making the conjecture that they can't develop emotions or don't care may not be accurate, although I like to think that animals have a lot more intelligence than we give them credit for. I will definitely be criticized for this statement, but I wouldn't mind it too much, but then again, if animals, by any chance, do not have the kind of emotion and understanding as we do, then its like saying they should not exist. of course you most likely did not mean it that way, and I know what you really mean, but it's just a hole though this kind of strays away from the main point of this discussion, but I believe that it is almost impossible that in this enormous universe, we are the ONLY planet that can sustain intelligent life, it kind of self-centered and ridiculous. I am not denying that there a large amount of good in this world, however it is like looking at the night sky, where good actions are the stars, and bad ones are the infinite blackness (not counting the moon ofc ) And then you have to examine those good actions and see if there are some ulterior motives to doing so. Of course we are not the only ones who do horrible things, however the scale and intensity of our actions, intended or not, are on a vastly different scale than those that animals do. Indeed they can make the world a great place, however that is unfortunately not really going to happen, at least in the coming future. lol I live in Texas too, although probably in a different area, because I, in my short life, have yet to encounter the type of people you mention, although that is most likely due to the area I live in. Now on to some other comments Indeed I am generalizing, however, it is not as big of a generalization as you may think. And you should ask yourself WHY we are trying to do these things, and the primary reason is so WE, the HUMAN race, does not die of from global warming or solar radiation or whatever. naw, politicians will do that for me LOL indeed, I think I have heard that before too completely agree too. Never said It was the ONLY method, just that it is the most likely, and I was making a slight inside joke towards policy debate, which if you are familiar with, a large argument is that the world will die from nuclear annihilation I do agree that "superviruses" is a large possibility to extinction. Zombie apocalypse anyone?
  11. Then again do those things REALLY matter? if humans did not exist and those things did not exist, would it have made ANY impact on the world? Of course not. Most of the time people do the bad things you mention no we cannot, the human race is too self centered and selfish to take care of this planet. thousands of years of humanity has proven this. Humans make it a horrible place Whoever says that is a blithering idiot.
  12. Because first, we see ourselves as superior (as you can see by some of the comments here) to animals and therefore we can do whatever the heck we want with animals, with only a few animal lovers weakly complaining. Second, we have something we like to call ethics that we all want to break but are dissuaded by society to do so. Third, from a practical standpoint, it is way faster to raise rats and flies and such than a human. Humans are the bane of the earth and nothing else, without us, the world would be a much better place, screw humans, we need to go extinct. The only problem with that is the most likely method of us going extinct is nuclear annihilation, which will effectively wipe out everything else, except cockroaches ofc.
  13. Catching these things is ridiculous
  14. Black Star was from a book that I read and was a hacker's alias (It's also the name of a cat from the series: Warriors, but that was not the basis) the numbers are because 159 on the keypad is easy to type and I LOVE odd numbers (except numbers that contain the number 1) I usually use the name BlackStar579 now but I made this before I transitioned
  15. SO MUCH WIN Mine: http://dragcave.net/wreath/Shadow579 Missed the 1st 6 days D: not in the shape of anything Symmetry FTW
  16. I agree, i feel that the dragon is too long, its hard to describe but the effect is there nonetheless
  17. I GOT 5 GHOST EGGS!!! (in only bronze QQ) lol i used up all my kills and got one Zombie and THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME I'm probably like the only person who didn't QQ when i read the "sad" text muahahahaha > I know I have a cold heart (actually I just think that death is too over rated, i mean everything will die eventually and for those of you who say that i have never experienced death, you are wrong, two of my close relatives died of cancer and the only sad thing is that they had to suffer. Suffering and death are not the same) Its a worthy sacrifice they have made on my quest to get a zombie >