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  1. Dammit, I can never catch a launch day anymore. OTL Well, at least I can definitely get the blue ones.
  2. Ooh, pretty~ Claiming for shenanigans. (mwahaha)
  3. Aaargh, I mixed up the breeding habits of Glories and Sunrises/sets. In other, better news, 10th-gen Habsburg striped! \o/
  4. Those are just the 5-minute drops. The big hourly is due in 9 minutes, give or take.
  5. Does making zombies still permanently affect your kill counter? I noticed mine is back to 5 tries instead of 2 (I made 3 zombies last year), but I just wanted to make sure. Not that I'm seriously thinking about zombifying anything this year. And, well, not that I use the Kill action at all in the first place, but I'd like the option open.
  6. It's a number thing more than a time thing, though. Although if what you say is true, that'd be great! More eggs will mean more happy players. :3
  7. Yessss, filled up! Thank goodness for the other laptop. This one's on its last legs. ;; Influencing for pairs and leaving the last as a surprise. owo Good luck to those who haven't caught their fill (or any at all) yet! You have one less competitor in me.
  8. Why are even the holiday-drop vets surprised? This happens every time. Downtime-for-maintenance stops for nothing, not even holiday drops.
  9. Oh, wow. I'm absurdly happy to see that this thread is alive and kicking. I'm gonna get my lineages going again after Halloween, but they're buried under my guardian army so I'll have to find the heirs first. Or maybe I'll just start a guardian lineage, whatever.
  10. Oh, another blue/gold! Floating toppers, though. :/ I've seen a bunch of rainbows. Some are pulled off more nicely than others. ^^
  11. Oh, wow, this is a novel color scheme for me. Not blue/silver or red/gold, but... Blue/gold.
  12. Just saw one with a topper with a raptor-bowtie! Beneath was a dragon blowing bubbles, constructed out of ornaments. I think this is the first score over 7 I've handed out. (And I believe I'll end my night's voting on that high note. )
  13. I think your sarcasm detector is broken. And no, I imagine we just vote on however many we can. ^^
  14. Mostly giving them the benefit of the doubt and blaming a glitch. Or thinking they moved the ornament far enough to the side for it to "disappear" from the judging area when they actually didn't. There are some where the floaters look deliberate, though. >>
  15. They are starting to look the same to me, too. But that goes for other trees. I keep thinking I'm seeing trees I've already voted on. Whiiiich is probably a sign that I should stop for the night. (Well, and the fact that it's nearly 1am. >_> ) Oh, an El! Nice! I'm kind of still a newbie with BJDs and I'd wondered, as I haven't seen that sort of shoulder joint before. ^^ Heh, that's my reasoning, too. I already feel bad for being a stingy scorer. Figure this is a way to be as fair as I can? ^^;;
  16. I just pretend I've never seen that color scheme before and look at how they pulled it off. And OT, but is that a BJD in your icon?
  17. Hey~ Found one with a teddy bear made out of ornaments!
  18. Man, it sucks for glitch victims. There could be a truly epic tree out there and we may never know. :|
  19. Oh, I definitely think a traditional should rate higher than a 'word' tree. At the same time, I want to see some out-of-the-box thinking. Like that gecko one (which I hope to see sometime!).
  20. I do this for most of the "traditional" ones. I feel kinda bad, but... this is a contest and there are dragons at stake. I want creativity with the ornaments. ^^
  21. I think I saw the one with wings and a tail. Although it also looked like an attempt at a face. o_O
  22. Ooh, I hope I see that. Sounds cute, haha~