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Spreadsheet. Wiki. Dragon Trees.My city! (+ind +tra) Dragonadopters.Valenths: Siavann Meringil Serenus PipipiI take in unwanted inbred dragons.Wishlist, breed-by-request info, and other things all in my profile.kagetsuya.png

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    4/8/13 Most of this is out of date. I'll fix it sometime. Feel free to PM me questions, etc., though!

    AIM: TharBeDargons
    DCFansite: Kagetsuya
    IRC: Kagetsuya
    YIM: tharbedargons

    Any dead eggs on my scroll are failed bites or neglected experiments.

    CBs: Earth (F); Gold, Fog (M); Black, Vine, Guardian, Striped, Magi, Sunrise/set (any)
    Others: low-gen unbroken-line Thuwed (2nd-gen = my other pipe dream XD ), anything high-gen and massively inbred 8D

    Projects: Akshun, Ev-Gen Inbreds, Ridiculous (+ even/perfect gen)

    Most dragons bred on request (not only those listed in my sig). Non-project lifemated pairs are found on my wiki (which is admittedly in sore need of updating), under Breeding. If you're leery of inbreeding, don't worry, as I keep track of familial relations, plus the family histories of AP adoptees.

    Holiday collection: Marrow x 1♂, 3♀; Pumpkin x 1♂; Ribbon Dancer x 2; Snow Angel x 2; Sweetling x 2; Valentine '09 x 1 (2nd gen, frill sire); Yulebuck x 2 (gen2; even-gen gen3)