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  1. So...I just managed to grab a dino...but still no Jungle, Volcano, or Flow Xenos...XD'
  2. Gah...the hourly drop passes, and I miss both jungle xenos (to say nothing of not even SEEING a flow). I'm getting bored/frustrated...time to do something else.
  3. Great...we already have old eggs mixing. Now that I'm finally unlocked again, it's going to be infinitely harder getting my last 4 (or is that 6? ) from the new drop. *sigh* Was kind of hoping the 'new eggs only' drop would last longer...I incubated all of the last batch and everything...
  4. I got 2 of each from 4 out of 6 of the biomes...Hopefully they'll still be dropping frequently when I unlock so I can get my last 4...It's times like this I wish I had 12 egg slots...XD'
  5. Have the credits/reference explanations been posted anywhere yet? Or is it too soon? (I have everything, so I don't know if the event is over or not yet. XD; )
  6. Aaaaaall done! My last one was the broomstick kitty one.
  7. ten more to go. I'm loving all the cycling/rotating rainbow-y eggs. So pretty! ❤️
  8. Just caught a pretty rotating rainbow-zig-zag egg. One of my favorites so far! ❤️
  9. I said nothing and got eaten again. Whoever my partner was, enjoy your upside-down mint!
  10. Bit late to the party...but I just bred my 5 fevers...last one dropped the wrong kind of egg, though, as I didn't have a 6th fever to pair with it. And I'm keeping one of the fever eggs, so, really, only dropped one fever egg to the AP. *~shrug~* I did what I could, I guess. Edit: In hindsight, I should have paired that last fever with a holiday dragon of some kind...would have forced a fever egg to be produced. Oh well.
  11. Just saw the ap...wow. Completely full of Fevers. I may contribute to this, once my scroll is no longer egg-locked...gotta have one I bred myself for posterity. XP
  12. Is it just me, or is the site down?
  13. I had to rush through the story again, but I got both heart boxes (In addition to the other items) now.
  14. I just rescued one of my own bred and auto-abandoned eggs from the AP again. (third time that's happened during a holiday) I predicted it would happen this time, too.
  15. I know, right? I sometimes do that multiple times even.
  16. *wasting my birthday in the AP, grabbing at hatchlings unsuccessfuly because I'm egg-locked but not hatchie-locked* Why do I do thiiiiis...XP EDIT: But it's better than falling asleep trying to read FR dragon bios, which was happening earlier.
  17. In the event, I snoozed several times, got up, went back to my room twice, went to the kitchen, got soup, ate all the candies, and then hid them under the bed. (Probably not the best place to hide them )
  18. Woo...finally got my past Val's bred...and now my wrist hurts. ; This getting to be more of a chore every year...and yet I always do it.
  19. Snow wars isn't working for me. The loading bar completes, and the music plays, but nothing shows up. It did the first time, I checked to see that my fort was the same as before, and then refreshed to go battle, and it said something about being unable to save and to check my internet. My internet is working fine, but now whenever I try to load the game, I get: loading bar-> music-> blank screen with music. Edit: and now even the music has stopped. Edit 2: the music is back after a reload, but that's it. Edit 3: My browser crashed, and the game was able to reload after I re-opened it
  20. https://dragcave.net/wreath/VioletWhirlwind https://dragcave.net/tree/VioletWhirlwind https://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/VioletWhirlwind My wreath is a disaster-mess, XD, and, to a lesser extent, so is my tree, heh. I like my gingerbread house, though. Yay rainbows.
  21. Cooking game refuses to give me fruit, XD; I'm getting recipes now, but still not one fruit since the start of the game. Lots of coco beans, spices, mushrooms and nuts, but no fruit. Strange.
  22. How do we know whether an AP-grabbed Solstice will be rosy or blue? Or is there no way to tell? Also, I managed to rescue from the AP one of my own previously auto-abandonned Solstice eggies...XD That has happened before durring a holiday (I forget which one/which egg though), too!