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  1. finally got 2 of each! Edit: make that 4 of each, and now egg-locked,
  2. Finally got my last two pairs (green and orange), yaaay!
  3. Just got 4 out of 6 pairs, and I'm egg-locked. Hopefully the Jungle and Forest ones will still be available when I unlock again. (I am starting late, due to having just come back from a trip)
  4. WOO! Already got 4 of each! I was actually here in time for a new release this time, heh.
  5. I haven't actually played it (yet. ), but I've seen Youtubers play it...it actually has a storyline (unlike No Man's Sky? What I've seen of it anyway. My opinion's still out on whether or not I want to play that one, due to some criticism I've heard/read about it) so...*shrug*
  6. It kinda looks like the alien tech/architecture in Subnautica, IMO. Edit: I've got them all now, I'm done!
  7. FINALLY got the purple dragon fabrige egg!
  8. Just got the Totorro egg(s). I'd been waiting for that one.
  9. I just cleared my cache, didn't fix it...they still have white backgrounds. *shrug*
  10. I've never heard of that, so...that's probably not what I was thinking about. XD; Oh well.
  11. Is sunglasses pineapple a reference to something? Could swear I've seen something like that before, but I don't know where...
  12. Just got a sleepy panda...but it has a strange white background for some reason? Is it supposed to?
  13. O got an ocean-y egg with an octopus on it!
  14. I said nothing and got et. Oh well, somebody just got a free 'special' mint. I already had one from last year, anyway.
  15. still need one speckled from Volcano, but I keep reflex-grabbing other stuff. Edit: Got it.
  16. Whoa, CB Zyumorph, where did you come from? O_o (jk, I know where it came from...just surprised I was able to grab one, heh) Must be everyone concentrating on the new eggs. Now I have to wait 16 hrs though, to catch another new coast to complete my 3rd pair.
  17. I now am egg-locked at 4 of each of the new eggs! Will have to get 2 more from Volcano after these hatch, and maybe 2 more from Coast.
  18. My 2 CB new eggs finally grew up, and I managed to grab another hatchling, and what must be the LAST of the bred eggs on the AP (which I was surprised to get, as I thought it was a glitch "ungrabable" egg) , as it's now full of this year's eggs, which I can't grab because I'm at the limit...the wall will probably be gone when I wake up.
  19. I am going to name a genderless ND (...if...I can ever get one...XP ) after Ion.
  20. Awww...Ion, you're a cinnamon roll (if I'm using that meme correctly), Y U refuse me?... Not really into dating sims, but I did it one time anyway. Might do more later.
  21. Though I wish my angry aegis could have stayed angry, I'm pretty happy with my fort, chaotic as it is. I should have come back in right before the event ended to see what resources I could spawn in, but I caught a cold, and spent much of yesterday zonked-out, trying to sleep it off. Oh well. At least I got a pretty crystal resource right up front.
  22. I got a crystal spire resource in an acceptable spot! I think I'm done now, aside from letting presents accumulate again.
  23. Why does the helicopter take up so much room? I like mine, but...it just looks like I could fit more stuff in there than there I can. Minor pet-peeve. 😛
  24. My fort so far. Might add some large rocks/crystals if I have enough stone/mana... Added some rocks: