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  1. So...no clay this time. Decided to give needle felting a try! Could be better but for a first try I am relatively pleased. Next time I'll try to make it look smoother with soap and water. More pictures on my tumblr!
  2. Still alive! Still doing stuff! Here's a peek at something I'm working on atm:
  3. Behold! The Micronomicon: pocket edition!
  4. Uhhh..it's a wild one? Though I guess that would make it a Nightfury and not a Toothless....
  5. No trash but a TON of things... Aside from the things I always have on my desk (pc, box full of crafting supplies pens etc) I have: 10 origami dragons 10 origami parrots 10 origami cay bookmarks one origami butterfly a handful of plain white origami models that I've made as practice 2 finished polymer clay pendantd 4 polymer clay projects in different stages of completion various craft supplies that I have't put away yet an unfinished papercraft model of a netherwing whelp from WoW a plate and bowl (with fork and spoon) that have been left here since breakfast/lunch a mug that I use to drink water a Magic the Gathering rules sheet a box of matches Some sort of liquid candy that's much too sweet and nothing else And numerous other things...
  6. And here's a fox and a kitty cube.
  7. Not polymer clay this time but a dragon none the less. A little cube Toothless
  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments! It's really encouraging. Out of curiosity (and I have been toying with this idea for well over a year now) if I were to put these dragons up for sale on say etsy or the likes, how much would you people be willing to pay for them?
  9. Even more new stuff! Behold! Dragons!
  10. Here's a little preview of what I'm working on right now. Finished pictures soon!
  11. Oh hey, I forgot I had this thread...oops >.> Aaaanyway... More stuffs! + more in the works!
  12. Queens of the Stone Age - Smooth Sailing
  13. No, no need to edit. It can work as a prologue. Now just start off with the rest of the story?
  14. This is a lot like something you'd read at the back of a book with the goal of getting you interested/buying the book. It's simply far too short to be able to say much about it. It's an idea and it seems interesting and it has potential. It just needs to be worked on. Like who is she, why is she the only one, why do they want to use her as a weapon etc.
  15. More stuffs I've made! This time some fan art...sort of... Firstly, two Game of Thrones related pendants: And the wolf medallion from the Witcher series:
  16. Can I just copy and paste your whole scroll here? No? Well fine then.... Star in the next Doujin
  17. *slowly back away, then turns around and flees like a little girl*
  18. Thanks! Yeah, I hope to one day be able to sell at least some of the trinkets I make. But because I'd like to sell them I'm a bit reluctant on making DC related dragons since that would require asking permission from the sprite artist(s) first. I have not! I looked it up and it sounds really interesting. Alas, it is made out of corn starch/flour and anything corn related that isn't in a tin can is a pain to find where I live. Still, I would love to give it a try. The main problem I had with normal clay was that it was very brittle after air-drying and I had no way to burn it. Here's a few more things I've made: