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"It's not about the legacy you leave, it's about the life you live."―Mara Jade Skywalker Requested Dragons ~ Saturn Dragon and Stellar Dragonav-11671.gif <---- Scroll lonewolfrissy.png

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    =Cave Stuff=

    A lot of my dragons aren't purebreds. Because of this, I'm not too picky with eggs/hatchlings. Ones I am a little picky about, have little notes beside them)

    I should make this note here: If I offer you an egg from a breeding pair, please be patient. My pairs tend to be picky with who they mate so they don't always produce an egg. If I produce more than 1, the rest drops into AP.

    Also, if I do give you an egg, please name them. :3 It's a little easier to keep track of them with the parents with names then the codes.

    Cave Borns and Pure Lines are preferred. Inbred and mixed lines aren't undesired. :)

    - Projects -
    Pure Stripes
    Pink x Moonstone lineage

    -Desired Armies -
    Pinks - CBs and purelines
    Blacks - CBs
    Nebulas - CBs and pure lines
    Moonstones - CBs
    Spitfires - CBs
    Whiptails - CBs

    - Still Needed Commons -
    F Terrae
    F Skywing
    Seasonals (CB or clean lines)
    F Neotropical
    2 F Storms
    M Geode
    M Coastal Waverunner
    F Balloon

    -Still Needed Uncommons -
    F Sunset
    Stripes: Green, Blue
    M and F Pumpkins
    M and F Tan Ridgewings
    M and F Vines

    - Still Needed Rares -

    Silvers (Pure line or CB only please)
    CB Thunder
    CB Ice
    CB Magma

    - Still Needed Ultra Rares -
    Guardians of Nature