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  1. Super cool way of getting the alt egg! 😍
  2. Managed to completely miss the release but I was the conceptor of the Undines and I'm so very very happy to see them released and the incredible reactions everyone has had!
  3. Oh boy did I pick a good month to get too busy for DC. First time I don't check the new release and it's my concept! In my birth month too! Just now collecting CBs and I'll be right in here with you guys trying combinations. So very happy to see how much everyone loves my darlings!
  4. Been trying all night and haven't gotten a single one yet. :c I'll sleep for a few hours and try again I guess.
  5. Filling up my egg slots with Reds so I'll have more incubates. <3
  6. I'm so excited for this! :'D
  7. It's made of pixels. And the messy inbred ones were easier to kill because I would have frozen them anyway. If two years from now I want to replace my horribly lineaged zombies with CB ones I should be able to.
  8. I agree. I didn't want people trying to offer them to me on the rare occasion my silvers breed. I want to be able to collect the beautiful dragons easily.
  9. This. I like the fact that if I ever wanted to get rid of my 'uglier' zombies I have the ability to do so now.
  10. It's no useless. If you decide you want to 'clean up your scroll' so to speak, like get rid of messy lineaged dragons or something then you'd be stuck with your zombies, and all of mine are inbred. I'll probably end up using this if I ever decided to cut down on some dragons.
  11. No crimsons yet. ;-; Been trying since they released.
  12. I'm not going to get a few of them because my phone died while I was in class today and I'm running out of time. ;-; I wish by some miracle that the time between them would shorten for the last hour. That would make my day. ;-;
  13. I cleared my cache but it didn't do anything. I switched to Chrome for now and they're showing up there.
  14. It's been a few hours now since I picked up an egg. Is anyone else having this problem? o.O
  15. Congratulations to everyone who won. c:
  16. I'm all for a message even though for me I'm good with the way it is now too. I like the auto-abandon, especially on holidays. I sometimes intentionally breed when I'm locked so that I don't have to go abandon the egg myself. Sometimes I want to breed a pair with no interest in the offspring.
  17. I love how people like you are ignoring what TJ already said. He did not postpone the drop just because of where it was or how many people probably were affected. He actually monitored the decrease in activity of DC to judge whether he should do it or not. Besides, you had plenty of notice if you had bothered to get on DC at all the last few days. This is the reason the last thread was locked. Do your research. EDIT: Also, I'm sorry to hear about all the people who lost their eggs. :/
  18. Thanks for the head up. c: I assume this means that zombie-fodder should still be revived tomorrow?
  19. Just quoting myself in case anyone was curious. c: I saw them mentioned a few more times.
  20. Van Helsing I'd say it's pretty clear who the male vampires are supposed to be. I knew it right away but I figured someone might want some proof.
  21. This is what I'm planning on doing for this next batch of eggs I have. The last one's I just could not remember how to viewbomb them to death. Really hoping http://dragcave.net/lineage/RRGHH turns into a zombie since the code sounds like a zombie noise.
  22. From Gradient's sketch. Something weird happened while I was shading it and made it darker than I intended. First time shading. c:
  23. Plenty of people would do that to win. People do it all the time.
  24. I don't update that often. I didn't know it helped with running smoother. c: But then mine runs super smooth now anyway.