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  1. Uh...False? *doesn't watch Sherlock* The person below me likes fish.
  2. False, for once. The person below me has a smart phone.
  3. Old Karma felt lackluster to me, and when laning with her as the enemy support felt like she wasn't even there aside from an occasional shield. New Karma actually feels like I'm DOING something, and I had a lot of ability to poke, harrass, and keep my carry safe. Plus the mantra'd shield in a team fight is beautiful. People complain about a lot of things, it's too early to tell with Karma yet. Sejuani didn't make sense (bikini + frigid cold), which is why they reworked her visually. The other champions who need it will get it, but it made sense for them to get her done along with all the other Freljord stuff they're doing. (Trundle, Lissandra, skins, Howling Abyss, and lore).
  4. shikaru

    Guild Wars 2

    Don't know, I wasn't even aware this thread existed. This is the only MMO I can actually stand to play, it's fun and I love the plot.
  5. Because in a zoo they're still captive, and PETA doesn't like that. :|
  6. They're also registered as a humane society in Florida (which is something that really baffles me). They lie not to make people feel better, but to trick them into willingly giving up animals to them. If they said "Give us your cats and dogs so we can kill them", people wouldn't take anything to them.
  7. Especially not when they can spout lies that bring unwitting people to their cause and raise as much money as they do. It's far too easy for them to avoid answering questions or dance around the truth. The bigger question is: Why are they allowed to continue to masquerade themselves as an organization that rescues animals when they are anything but?
  8. They believe that it's cruel to keep an animal in captivity, and this extends to pets. To them, keeping an animal as a pet is just as cruel as beating it, so they kill animals as a way to save them from this "cruelty". They won't disband, the organization seriously believes in this twisted viewpoint and that's why they do these terrible things.
  9. Well, because Garen is very by-the-books and Quinn and Valor are...not. I love the lore, I'm loving the way they're fleshing out the Freljord right now. I can't wait for that new Anivia skin. @.@ Sooo beautiful. The animations are so fluid and nice compared to how rigid she is normally. I also absolutely love the new Karma. Fun in mid or support! Her old kit was fun, though not very good, but the new one has so much utility and burst~
  10. Yeah, I didn't hear about them until I was in high school (I might have heard the name before then but never knew what it meant). Pretty sure it was the KFC stuff I heard about too and decided to look them up to see what the organization was (I just heard the name from whoever was telling me about it, no actual details). Even when they aren't killing they're being disgusting. Giving children gruesome pamphlets to try to scare them into believing that their parents are horrible animal-killers. Or just generally being fanatical about things and ruining the chances of legitimate animal rights groups (because throwing blood on a model wearing a fur coat does nothing other than aggravate the people in the fur industry. It doesn't actually do anything to stop them or raise awareness of the issues). They harass horse owners who take wonderful care of their animals for no reason other than to make them feel miserable for having a horse.
  11. Yep. Kill animals they take in, against no-kill animal shelters, against trap-neuter-release programs... The Pit Bull thing is news to me, and that's absolutely disgusting. Having volunteered at an animal shelter myself for a bit, it's sad hearing the stories of how abused those poor dogs are and the bad misconceptions people have about their entire breed. They're actually one of the nicest breed of dog; just because some people train them to be killers doesn't condemn them all. The organization disgusts me, it has since I first heard about them and looked up what they were. This is their viewpoint, yes. While there are some cruelties that come with the existence of domesticated animals (puppy mills for example), PETA condemns every ounce of it (because apparently giving a cat or dog food, water, and shelter is cruel). The argument of whether domestication is right or wrong is something long past in the case of animals that are already domesticated. We can't revert the process, and eradicating them instead of giving them love is disgusting. Excuse me, I'm rambling (though not at you).
  12. Bloody Nails and Broken Hearts...in my pants
  13. "Gluttony Fang" from the Blazblue soundtrack
  14. It's all because people tend to have an idealistic view of how "great" the originals were and that they were the best, despite the fact that many first gen pokemon suffer from the same problems that people bring up with newer pokemon. Though I agree that the newer gens have brought in some truly stupid-looking pokemon, the older gens also had some pokemon I consider ugly. Aside from just personal distaste of certain things (any pokemon based on a pig or monkey for instance) I don't mind most pokemon, the only ones that really get to me are Salamence, Trubbish/Garbodor, and Scraggy/Scrafty. Salamence due to its atrocious anatomy, the Trubbish line because they remind me of something that would make me gag if they were any more realistically portrayed, and the Scraggy line because the fact that they use loose skin like clothing kind of grosses me out. Also, apparently some people have been calling the Mewtwo-thing "Mewthree"