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  1. I liked the idea, it was a nice middle ground. It gives new biomes for people who wanted more biomes that had requirements to access while not making it difficult. It didn't exclude out newer players, and it gave some nice lore and fleshed out the world of DC a bit more. <3
  2. I think that would be awesome! c: Don't know how it would be set up for what the requirements would be, but the idea of an event for everyone to participate in and figure out would be fun. I got the impression that this community likes a mystery (though I could be wrong), and it doesn't punish those who aren't good at puzzling things out. As for requirements I don't like the idea of requiring things to access, especially not time, the one I was okay with was the suggested idea of having the new biomes be deeper into the current ones and collecting around ten or so from a single biome would unlock the deeper area. It's interesting and allows people a little more interaction and choice in which they unlock and such. Also doesn't punish someone for just being new.
  3. To this point, not everyone who used the term "elitist" was throwing it out there as a "shut up tactic". Yes, no one is going to some in and say "I want to be elitist", but that doesn't stop the suggestion from feeling like it has that tone to it. I keep getting the feel of 'We've been here longer we deserve to get it and the new players don't because they haven't done anything', even if it isn't spoken it still hangs in the air around this thread. Especially when the words "to keep from intimidating newer players" keeps coming up. Why is it being assumed that a newer player would be intimidated by the addition of more dragons and biomes? There's a good deal more dragons than when I joined, and we didn't have biomes then either, yet I don't see newer players being any more confused or intimidated now than they were then. A final note, as someone who has used the term elitist in my posts, I'm not making any "you think you're better than me" claims. I'm looking at the perspective of how I would feel if I were a newer player and veteran's biomes existed; even if no one claims to be an 'elite', the fact that I'm excluded from something just by virtue of being new would make me feel bad. I feel like people are forgetting to actually think about what newer players would feel, rather than throw off that concern with a claim of not wanting to intimidate them. Personally, if I was new and there were more dragons and biomes, I would just think "There's a lot for me to pick and choose from! Awesome!", not "Oh god there's so many what do I do?"
  4. Right now the only goal is getting a gold trophy, and that does take more than a month of two even starting from a silver trophy. I fail to see how this is a strawman? It took me several months to get from silver to gold, and that's with constantly grabbing low time eggs whenever I could, as well as throwing in some freezing. Some people are suggesting that the "veteran's biomes" be unlocked with trophy levels, be they current or additional. Additional ones are absolutely absurd in my opinion, as gold is a high enough goal as it is, and adding biome access to the current ones is still out there in my opinion because of how long it takes to get to gold to begin with. I'm not fabricating an argument out of thin-air, and it's just as valid an opinion as anyone else's. I frankly find it insulting that you're attempting to throw of my concerns by claiming that my stance is ' just a stupid strawman'.
  5. I don't think it's right to limit their ability to get something that someone else can get. (I'm more okay if it's a low number that they could very easily reach quickly, but not something that would takes months or more). My reason? Say you just started dragcave, you go on the forums and look at all the suggestions. You find a dragon you really like the concept of, if you had to pick one dragon you wanted to see it would be that one. Then it gets announced that this dragon is going into the game and you get really excited....only to find out that it's being released in a special biome you can't get to without working towards it for several months.
  6. Holidays breed every year and aren't hard to obtain, they may not be CB but you still have access to that dragon breed just as easily as anyone else at the time. Same with metals, which...why bring them up? How does someone who has been here longer have an advantage in catching them? The only thing I could see is the more egg slots, but I don't believe that effects someone's ability to catch a metal aside from potentially having more slots if they don't have eggs already. I think that everyone, regardless of how long they have been here, should have the same access to the same things at the same time. Holidays follow this, metals follow this, even the raffle does. Throwing in veteran's biomes takes away that and says that people who have been around longer get special access to an area that others don't.
  7. I still don't like the idea of giving "veterans" exclusive biomes, especially if it would be something where, once implemented, a "veteran" would have instant access and newer players would have to work for. If people have to work for it, I think everyone should have to work for it, and it should be something that a newer player and a "veteran" player would take the same amount of time to complete, or that wouldn't take a newer player more than a few months at most. With this concept of "veteran" biomes it still comes off as 'I've been here longer and therefore have more of a right to better things than you because you're new' to me.
  8. Just picked up this Black egg. Such a large even gen, and there's a lot of holidays in there, golds, silvers, a Thuwed pair, and a pair of my own~ <3 I also found a little Shiny Silver in the mix, as well as this lovely third gen PB Bluna.
  9. I absolutely loved prereleases and releases. Limited was my favorite format because it set everyone on equal playing ground and trying to create a deck out of the choices was so much fun~ Too bad it cost so much. XP Wasn't as big a fan of draft because I usually forgot what I was trying to make or tried changing it halfway through and usually ended up with a pile of mismatched cards (though this one time worked very well for me with a three-colored deck that stomped our little draft group we had that night. I loved Innistrad and Dark Ascension~) Though...I have a lot of issues with the game, and it's going in a direction that I'm not liking. Too many mechanics that are being used heavily or strategies being encouraged that I'm not a fan of, so I stopped playing last summer. I've got a bunch of cards laying around, and still love my decks and the look of the cards, but I've fallen out with Magic. It was a fun three years, but I think my wallet is happy I stopped. X3;
  10. Yes! Finally a chance to get Deoxys! It's the last one I need~ <3 and yeah, doesn't seem to be X/Y related.
  11. Finally got around to starting Steins;Gate and I'm loving it. Have also been watching Fairy Tail on and off (not far in it by any stretch of the imagination, less than twenty episode).
  12. Personally I really liked Henry and Olivia as an S support. Olivia is so concerned and their conversations make it seem like they actually care for each other (some of the supports feel kind of...forced to me. Like Sumia-Chrom just being about pie or Sully-Virion being just 'I am manry and will protect you'). I've been told Tharja-Lon'Qu is good, but I didn't do that, same with Panne-Virion. Wheeee I'm starting a Lunatic run because I'm crazy~ Going through with a male avatar to get different supports this time, even though I really really like the plot impact with female avatar married to Chrom.
  13. False. I don't read it. (Problem Sleuth was amazing though) The person below me ate out at a restaurant this week.
  14. True. The person below me frequently skips breakfast.
  15. I was expecting this Black hatchling to be as messy as the ones I usually pick up are. Was pleasantly surprised.
  16. The AP it's....so blue. Kind of pretty. It was surprising given I'm used to seeing all the green mixed in there.
  17. More great catches~ 2nd gen White CB White Magma Tinselkin, 4th gen CB Red Red with Magma stairstep 2gen PB Red and this interesting Thuwed Red I spotted a lot of Reds today. X3
  18. Fair enough. X3 I think the first one you posted is the one that does the best job at matching the pokemon art style, with Chespin and Froakie at least. It loses the style in Fennekin.
  19. A lot of things claim to be leaked images, never trust anything unless it's been confirmed. Leaks can happen, but they are extremely unlikely (barring the usual early posting of CoroCoro information), and it's even more unlikely that we would get leaks of the starter evolutions so early when we haven't gotten much else.