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  1. I prefer the AP to the biomes, in fact I rarely touch the biomes unless I'm looking specifically for something. The AP is just filled with so many interesting things. Lineages that have connections to so many people. To me that's a lot more intriguing and enjoyable than a CB.
  2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/f0Qy5 <- The Gold and White grandparents here amuse me. http://dragcave.net/lineage/3usEl <- This is also a nice little White egg Mostly I've been picking up CB and messy commons from the AP, so not much in the way of nice lineages lately.
  3. Yes, Game Freak can do whatever they want, however it seems a bit suspicious to me if some random person is claiming it without there being any other known evidence to contribute to it. It seems less likely to me from previous gens that they would create a perfect triangle like that. Not to mention the doubled weakness that creates for the player's starter against the 'rival' starter. I meant convenient for the person making the claim, not for Game Freak.
  4. Yeah, they are watching themselves with this, they did last time too, but I'm not ready to believe this. It just seems...strange to me that dragons would be weak to fairies. There's not really any mythological basis for it at all.. Also, technically it would be Fighting > Steel < Ground. Steel doesn't super effect ground, ground super effects steel, so even that doesn't work.
  5. Hm...I don't know, I watched Pokebeach fall prey to a "reputable source" claim when Black/White were coming out and it turned out to be total crap, so I'm very skeptical of this. The details of the fairy typing sounds...weird, why are they immune to dragon? Why does fire only take half damage? It also seems strange to me that the starters' final evolutions end up with the perfect super effective triangle with both types. (Fire/Psychic > Grass/Fighting > Water/Dark) Seems a bit too..convenient, especially when none of the starter trios have been that way aside from gen 2 which had all pure typing. I also highly doubt they would do dual-typed moves, that would throw off a lot of the gameplay and be awkward, and the EV mini-game thing sounds horrendously fake.
  6. I want to see the Robin's evolution(s)~ It's so cute, and I usually like the final evolution of the three-evolution normal/flying type (the exception being Staraptor...I don't like the derpy giant Elvis-hair). I want to see what becomes of the lizard because electric/normal is interesting and new. Also goat riding yes please! I'd be perfectly fine with that being the new bike if that's what it is.
  7. I don't think new players are going to be more overwhelmed than older players. Many people who are reacting about the 7 dragons release are players who have been here quite awhile.
  8. Why do you assume that someone who is in support of access being easy only has a bronze trophy? I have been in here a number of times making similar points. Frankly, I'm starting to dislike the idea of new biomes altogether. For one thing, even now there doesn't seem to be enough people spread out between the biomes we have to keep them all moving at a reasonable pace (Most people tend to cluster around Desert, Volcano, and Alpine. Coast gets a middle ground, while Forest and Jungle are more often than not almost devoid of players and hardly ever move). Adding more biomes is likely to compound this, especially since those who have the access are going to flock there to get the new dragons while all the players who don't have access sit around in the unmoving old biomes for awhile until people get bored of the new dragons and start rare hunting again.
  9. I understand why there needs to be requirements, I don't understand the idea of making them high. I was more referring to the comment of "20 being low already", making it seem like a desire to see them much higher.
  10. Why does it have to be difficult for people to access?
  11. I like 10 better than 20, it's a lot more reasonable.
  12. Personally, I like this idea. I haven't run into the problem much myself, but I can easily see how it would be useful. Even then it's just one less step I have to take when breeding and forget how many eggs I have. It doesn't really negatively affect anyone, so I don't understand the opposition to it. Sure, it keeps the 'accidents' from dropping to the AP, but there seem to be plenty of people who intentionally breed rares into the AP that it shouldn't be a problem. I certainly wouldn't want to see it as a pop-up though, or anything else as intrusive. A message beside the breeding option would be good though, it's not something annoying to those who don't want it while still letting you know that you're locked.
  13. I just really don't understand the 'I'm more experienced than you so I deserve more' mindset. :/ Why does it matter? It's just a game.
  14. ....Does it really matter if they're currently and constantly active? I don't understand.
  15. Actually, from what I saw it was someone posing as that guy. The name was slightly different. http://www.cubed3.com/news/18651/1/new-son...-wii-u-3ds.html ^There's a comment on this article explaining why it is most likely fake. It's the third post in the comments, and was written up by a moderator of the website.
  16. From what I could tell, the new game information leak is likely fake. I'd love to see a new Sonic game, but I'm not trusting this "Sonic Excursion" rumor. I don't want to get my hopes up either. Although they've done a good job with Sonic 4 and Generations, I'm not ready to blindly trust Sonic Team again. XP
  17. So can anyone else? That has nothing to do with how many of each dragon you collect, but I see this is just going to go in circles regardless. I very highly doubt that the number of players who only choose to collect x number of each dragon or who only collect y types of dragons is large enough to create any more impact on the availability of rares than any other user. Besides even if their choice in playstyle is "affecting others", that doesn't make it right to go and force a playstyle on everyone. Regardless, if this idea goes through I'd like to see it not take forever to get to for newer players to get to the biomes. There's really no reason for it to.
  18. Except that everyone has to deal with the "blockers", not just someone with a slow connection. Slower internet connections also isn't something the game itself can solve outside of just straight giving everyone what they want, which would change everything entirely. I'm still making a choice. I could choose to pick up a common or I could choose to wait, either way isn't affecting my ability to access what others can access. I also still don't think "blockers" are the fault of people who only want a certain number of each dragon, they're just a product of having different rarities.
  19. I don't know, I'm not one of those people so I can't answer that. Besides, there are plenty of people who collect commons so I don't see the issue of some people only wanting two of everything. How is it elitist? It isn't excluding any group from being able to grab anything. If we're going to argue that the number of dragons that any one person picks up is having an effect on anyone else (which I disagree with, it has such a small amount of an effect to be unnoticeable), then people who breed are "pushing their playstyle on others" as well. If they breed a Gold, that's one more Gold adding to the ratio. Just because some people have restrictions to what they pick up doesn't make it enough to affect things. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of players want rares > commons, so won't pick up commons too often in favor of waiting for rares. If the problem of "metal droughts" is caused by people not picking up commons, then clearly we should force everyone to start picking up loads of commons. I don't think ANYONE would like that. It's telling them what to do, and no one comes here to be told what to do with their pixel dragons. EDIT: The difference here is that someone picking up only two of each dragon or only golden wyverns IS NOT FORCING YOU TO DO ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO. You choose to pick up what you pick up. No one is forcing that, and if you don't want to pick up that Waterwalker? So what? It doesn't affect your ability to continue playing the game like everyone else.
  20. Dame_Jedi: I understand why people don't want the requirements for biomes to be put in place because that forces a playstyle on people, I get that and totally understand. What I don't understand is the counterargument of this: How is someone only collecting 2 of each dragon affecting anyone else?
  21. I don't see how people only choosing to collect two of each dragon are forcing their playstyle on anyone else? The cave will produce the same number of whatever dragon regardless of if it is picked up or not. Just because someone only has two Mints doesn't make the cave start spitting out more Mints. The cave will just spit out as many Mints as it would have if those two Mints went to the AP or if they were picked up by someone who has a whole hoard of them... Just want clarification on what you mean by they're forcing their playstyle on others?
  22. Except, commons or not, they are still getting access to a section of the site that others do not. If the answer is just that they can be gifted or bred...why do they need to be exclusive at all? Why not just have them open to everyone anyway? I still think those numbers are high. Also Fiona Bluefire's suggestion was a good one. 'This road is already dirty, so why can't we just throw more trash on it?'
  23. I'm also fine with lower goals (like Fi's remote biomes that only require ~10 dragons from a biome to unlock) because that doesn't punish new players like the idea of 'wait until you get to x trophy level' or 'collect this many hundreds or thousands of dragons' ideas. Mostly I don't see why people are suggesting ridiculous goals.
  24. Which is why I think it should be available to all at the same time. This way it isn't biased for or against any group of players and isn't punishing anyone for choice of playstyle, being new, or being old.
  25. Why is it okay for some people to get there immediately while others have to wait for eventually? Also, everyone has a right to disgree with things. If the thread is still moving and they feel like their opinion is being ignored because everything else is moving, they most certainly should continue posting that opinion. It's also really, really, frustrating to watch a thread continue and your opinion be entirely ignored or brushed off with some response that doesn't even address your concerns but instead basically says 'no you're wrong and this will be make things better' (which I have seen quite a bit of in here). If everyone who disagreed suddenly stopped posting, that gives the false impression that everyone suddenly agrees.