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  1. They have said they're working on a way to transfer pokemon from old games. Doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen, but they aren't writing it off yet.
  2. Gold and Silver didn't have Steel or Dark typed legendaries, so I don't think X and Y will necessarily use Fairy for them. I could see it on a legendary, just probably not the title ones right off the bat like that. I'm glad there looks to be a range of customization options and not just three faces like it seemed when they first announced it.
  3. I like Yveltal better. I always get both games though, but Y will be my main game so to speak. It will be the one I play through first and where I'll do any end game stuff. I'll probably do a Nuzlocke run through of X.
  4. http://www.13wmaz.com/life/entertainment/a...-Xbox-One-Event Just found an article about it. There's nothing explicit and no cursing from what I can see in the article, but I'll leave it for people to decide if they want to see it or not. It's not overly blatant, but is rather offensive.
  5. Though they have already been correct about Fairy-type, one of the new moves, and the english names of some of the new pokemon (the set of four that was announced with Pancham and Gogoat). I'm still skeptical, but it's looking more and more likely that the guy's information is real. Corocoro should also leak soon, possibly tonight.
  6. Well it's more e3 announcement stuff. Given it was the official Pokemon facebook/twitter account saying there will be more information, I doubt it'll be the same as what they already announced.
  7. Nope, his name is still Chrom in the US version. Weird that Noire's name would be different.
  8. There's also apparently going to be more news tonight around 6 pm PT.
  9. I only mind the paid-for thing because I don't at all have the money to pay for anything like that. So even if I did have a want to use it, I couldn't afford to.
  10. I am so happy to see the Xbone continue in a downward spiral and driving potential customers away. Not because I have some hatred of Microsoft, but because the company needs to know that this is NOT okay. If people give in a buy one anyway, they'll continue to push crappy "drm solutions". Yes, companies want to make money and keep people from pirating, but punishing your actual purchasing customers is not the way to go about that. /rant They have just done so much wrong here. The always connected Kinect, connecting online every 24 hours (not possible for everyone, and if their servers crash suddenly everyone is out of luck), the used game policy (Restricting who can sell them hurts small game stores, and shifting the blame by saying the publishers decide on a fee...). The whole 'connect every hour if you're using a friend's console' thing is a load of crap too. One of the huge appeals of consoles is being able to sit there and play with a friend without having to deal with lugging around a computer to their house. I do find this all absolutely hilarious though. I'm sad to see Sony going for paid online gaming service now, but I don't play games online with my consoles anyway so whatever.
  11. It's always wonderful to see another long time fan that doesn't complain about everything! <3 Probably been playing Sonic games for about as long, same age (22) too. I do have to admit I got very disappointed in the franchise around when Riders came out, I didn't have any interest in the racing Sonic games, and the level designs of the more 'normal' Sonic games after that kind of bugged me. I suppose I felt they started getting a little too gimmicky? I'm not sure. I can't place quite why I fell out with the series, but it wasn't any feeling of "it's new therefore it's bad". I did get extremely excited for Sonic 4, because I liked the idea of another side-scrolling Sonic game being made, and I loved Sonic Generations. I'm really interested to see how this new game goes. The level designs look really fun and a nice fast pace. As for the comics, I do love those. I don't understand the hate there, they're very well done, as far as I remember anyway. I haven't read any new issues in over four years. Side characters are hit and miss for me. I like the ones that get development and unique personalities. I don't like the ones shoved into the game and given some one dimensional character trait that defines their entire being (Big the Cat for example). My favorite Sonic game is probably Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It holds a lot of memories for me. c:
  12. True. The person below me has a cat.
  13. They'd run into potential copyright issues. If someone submitted something and Game Freak decided to use it, the creator of that pokemon could easily file a claim against them for using something they created. Even if the person sent it to them, there's no official writing stating that they could use it or if they could use it without compensating the creator or whatever. It's a messy situation.
  14. Given that the game is being released in October, I'd imagine they have all their pokemon ideas completed for this game.
  15. Hopefully they'll reveal some stuff. XP Pokemon presentations during E3 in the past have usually just reiterated on stuff that had already been revealed. Though, maybe since this year they're doing the release and information simultaneously worldwide they won't feel the need to say the same stuff over and over.
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    Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. I understand viewbombing is a problem, and it's a horrible thing, but I don't like this idea. As a few others have said as well, I don't use fansites that require a log in because they're much quicker to use and don't require me to register another account. I also don't like the idea of having to log into my DC account on them, it's not really something I enjoy doing and it feels cumbersome... It just doesn't make sense to punish the userbase as a whole for something that a few users are doing/experiencing. Besides, I don't think TJ could enforce this well enough (eggs gaining views is different than connecting to your twitter account), and even if this did become required of fansites viewbombers would just find another way.
  19. 31.18081% Ah well, 'twas fun. Too much assuming of interest in specific series (LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Trek). XP
  20. I used to catch fireflies and caterpillars when I was little. Boredom at work has had me catching fireflies again when they fly into the game stands. I've also "caught" a snake once, though it was a few friends and I cutting it loose from some netting it had tangled itself in. :c Had to catch a chipmunk once when one of our cats brought it inside still alive and it got loose in the house.
  21. 7, though now my eyes hate me. I could see a few that were out of place, but my eyes were starting to get out of focus. @.@ 7 is a fine enough score though~
  22. Yeah, catching is easier. I had some luck at x:10 and just now as x:35. The five minute marks seem to have less people in them, which makes slower connections easier to deal with. Compared to midnight where the lag had me loading too slow to even click something before it was gone.
  23. Though it wouldn't make sense for a fish to turn into a more western-like dragon, or a serpentine-dragon with a horn to turn into a hornless monster fish like that. You also mixed up Dragonite and Dragonair there. Dragonite is the orange one. Regardless, I don't think they would do another evolution for a psuedo-legendary.
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    ^That's the most recent screenshot I have of my Charr thief. I love the thief coats, though this one has been my favorite so far. My only exception is the Pirate coat, it doesn't look right on a Charr. XP
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    Shikaru.5249 I haven't been on in awhile due to being busy with final projects.