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  1. It's because there's a lot more negative stigma towards cousin marriage in the US. Regardless of if the translator's were offended or not, they most likely did the edit on a cultural basis.
  2. Though, apparently, the hardware running them was higher end graphics-wise than what the xbone is. That's what raised the controversy, if it was a pc running the same specs no one would care. Also the indie devs who showed during Sony's press conference confirmed they were running their demos on ps4 hardware. They were using dev kits, yes, but it was ps4 hardware running the ps4 os, not a pc running windows 7 with higher end hardware. As for the banning = losing games thing... I have no sympathy for the type of people who get themselves banned from games so I don't honestly care. If you're a jerk to people or if you cheat or whatever, you deserve a punishment. If you aren't doing anything wrong then there's nothing to worry about.
  3. I got the information out of the fire emblem wiki, so.. I believe it's a dlc thing, though if it's one of the paid ones or one of the free ones I don't know.
  4. Open hostility is a warnable offense? The whole 'Respect others' thing.
  5. So we should just not care if a company takes into consideration what the consumers want? Yes, every company wants to make money. However, it is a bad business practice to not care about your customers at all. One that people should not just blindly allow because "that's how big business is". That's a horrid excuse, and if that's how big business is, we should strive to see that changed. If I feel that a company is focusing entirely on "how much money can I make" without taking into consideration what their customers want, I am not giving them my money. I'm not some "Microsoft hater". I see problems that they made as a company. As for the Kinect issue, it's the entire premise of it being always connected that I hate. Yes, I can just face it away, but by buying it I have still supported that business decision. After I give them my money, it doesn't matter what I do with it. They see that as one more 'happy customer', and one more person in support of what they're doing.
  6. I favor fire types, though none of the fire/fightings have appealed to me visually. I really don't care if Fennekin is fire/fighting or not, as long as it looks nice. Sure, I want to see different things but I also think a fire/fighting fox could look cool. Meanwhile...a pig and monkey not so much for me. XP Not a fan of either of those animals, and Blaziken was okay but not that great to me. I just want to be able to use my favorite starter type again. D:
  7. I still don't have any plans on getting one, and there's still some issues (the Kinect thing being a big one, as well some of the things surrounding their handling of this fiasco...), but overall I'm glad to see this happen. Hopefully this sets the example and shows companies that people won't stand for this stuff. A loss, yeah, but the innovation wasn't worth the crappy policies for disc-based games and the 24-hour check in thing.
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was coming here to post about it. That's amazing. No more DRM or 24-hour connect! This is beautiful! I'm glad they realized that people weren't happy and it was NOT okay.
  9. Iiiinteresting~ I tried looking into it, but there just seems to be two rumors floating around right now: All of the available units have been preordered/Microsoft didn't make enough to satisfy anymore preorders, or that Game Stop is unhappy with the Xbone's policies. This should play out interestingly either way, or if it's something else. There has to be a reason that Game Stop is halting preorders like that.
  10. I think Nah is always pink in dragon form, though her father in my game is Gaius so I could be wrong again. According to the wiki she always is. Morgan is a tactician if the avatar marries Chrom, Olivia, Lucina, or Walhart. I think it could still make sense that s/he wants to be a great tactician like their mother. Just because that's not how the started doesn't mean they can't aspire to it. Kind of like if someone is a teacher but actually wishes they could be an astronaut or something.
  11. Well, Walhart does have visible white hair so Morgan would probably have white hair from him. With Basilio I would guess black hair, as that is the color of Basilio's facial hair.
  12. Yeah, the anime tends to contradict the games. Pikachu successfully using electric attacks on ground types, pokemon using moves they can't learn, size inconsistencies, colorations that don't actually exist, pokemon behaving differently than what is described of them in the games, etc. Some of the new moves are looking interesting. It's nice to see another move that hits every pokemon on the field, get some variety in those.
  13. I don't think it's a difference in states. I go to college in NY and the game stops I have visited there all will allow you to cancel a pre-order and get a refund. Even game stop's website talks about cancelling pre-orders (stating that they cannot be cancelled if you received some kind of promotional item, meaning that they can be otherwise). It sounds like it's an issue with that game stop specifically. :/
  14. I am more than okay with another fire/psychic fox. c: That said, still not trusting everything until it's verified. XP
  15. I guess I just happened to pick pairings that make the children look the same as they do in official artwork. XP I didn't realize that anyone other than Morgan's hair changed.
  16. I don't think the children's appearances change aside from Morgan. The child is always from the same mother (Lucina being the only one tied to her father), except Morgan who is always from the avatar character. Morgan will always be the opposite gender of the avatar, and gets the hair color of the avatar's husband/wife, and is the starting class of the husband/wife (with a few exceptions that make Morgan a tactician to start, like marrying Chrom). Other than that, I believe the children always look the same/have the same starting class.
  17. I love playing Akali mid, but I haven't gotten a good chance to play her in awhile. I'm loving this recent trend I'm running into of the enemy mid picking Swain. It means I get to tear him apart as Fizz~ Adina, what was the last champion to come out that you remember? I should be able to help with explaining some of the newer ones.
  18. Yes, but other mods aren't always available. Plus, even with a team something will eventually fall through the cracks. Not giving a reason for a thread closure didn't hurt anyone, it's a rather minor mistake to make. It might have inconvenienced someone for a short time, but it certainly caused no harm. I agree that it should happen every time, but mistakes happen. They should be corrected, but harping on every little thing is rather pointless.
  19. Absolutely no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.
  20. So far it's been confirmed that both Gogoat and Rhyhorn, at least, will be ride-able. They also made it sound like the pokemon used for this will be rentals and only in specific areas, though that hasn't been entirely confirmed yet.
  21. I have never heard of LoL giving someone a virus, especially not one so nasty. You might have gotten it from something else around the same time. Aatrox is fun, I need to pick him up as soon as I get the IP to do so. I also want that new Morgana skin~ Been having some good games recently playing as assassin mids (like Kha'zix and Fizz). Doing pretty terribly at everything else though. XP I especially need to get myself back into the habit of playing the occasional support and jungle as I've really lost touch in those roles.