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  1. Thank you very much! This Egghunting was fun. (And the odd advertisments I got every time I clicked on an egg, too. Gardening, Floorboards, Carterpillars... It was an ad-venture.) Given that I have been away every easter and hardly caught more than a line of eggs every year, this year I made it back to 2012. :) I hope we can get the same collecting frenzy next year, to finish the rest.
  2. I tried Silvy's, the Allure of Neglected Dragons, Egg Drop Soup, The Evinas none can read my scroll's new dragons
  3. Oh, that reliefs me a great deal, I was worried, it would be only successful splashes, that were counted...
  4. Oh, I've got a list in my computer about my breeding-plans - and by now I've got that many dragons, then there's always one willing to breed, asides I'm an addictive AP-cleaner, so I have usually hardly a place to breed an egg of mine What annoys me all the time, ist that hatchlings can't be sped up the same as eggs - last week I ended up with seven hatchlings blocking me from playing, that had that many views as eggs, they could have jumped from the shells already adult... It's annoying and boring to be landed with a hatchling with already 900 UV for three days, I even wondered abou
  5. What about: Since one of your male pinks hummed to the egg, you're rather certain it will turn out male? and this line to every influenced egg?
  6. Nobody had any results in splashing but my last: IC NENYA XOCHIQUETZL DORKFACE has no moves left! IC NENYA XOCHIQUETZL DORKFACE used STRUGGLE! IC NENYA XOCHIQUETZL DORKFACE is hit with recoil! is it unimportant, if they succeed?
  7. Aresa

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Scolllocked, but I could breed! Blackstriped!!! Wonderful!!! *dances in happy circles* Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  8. Yes, inbreeding by chance is really annoying, and putting them in the inbred checker is too much clickwork, I had a seemingly perfect pair for silver breeding - and what was it: they were halfsiblings, though I'm usually so careful in naming, to avoid mistakes like that, since I know, if I abbandon them, they'll end up killed. I don't mind farer inbreedings up the line so much, but it annys me, if I make the same careless mistakes. Best would be, if mother, father or half/siblings don't show up in the breeding possibilities at all, or if they'd automatically refuse.
  9. I am childish, of course. I'm playing DC, for example... Dear me, I've still got a milk tooth (yes, in my mouth and working after 40 years), I wait for it to fall out to grow up... and then I'll still be only grown up in body, not as a mind. Acting like your age? No. Certainly not. Actually, I'm planning to cultivate infantility up to the moment it'll shift into senility by nature.
  10. Sounds fun, not finding eggs. My eggs and dagons hardly ever get soft or sick - it helps not to post them the first day, not to place it in more then two hatcheries the same time - and not to make your scroll visible to anybody else, if you've got rares
  11. Wonderful site, one knows immediately which ones to click to help them hatch. I just added my new breds since at the moment there are too many other dragons about that two hatcheries aren't enough to give them enough uniques.
  12. Oh, is there a valentine-egg-lag? not even my scroll showes, and I wanted to see if I can catch some eggies... Well, I can understand my dragons. It's Lupercalia, they don't want me to watch their orgy...
  13. Aaaargh I'm locked with my own breedings... evil little voice from the left shoulder says: abandon them, they're normals, you can breed their likes again, leave them to die...
  14. Sigh, but don't worry, we will certainly survive... - at least we hope we do...
  15. Ah, I was already a bit worried, thanks for enlightenment.
  16. aargh, I had such a nice, traditional well balanced tree, just like the one I have at home (minus straw stars, meringhe and cookies), but since the tree will be frozen, and I don't want to loose the nice gold and silver-dragon treetoppers I cannot put them off... So the story of my tree goes: it has been destroyed not only by a swarm of birds but also by my greedy cave-beasts getting loose... they ate all the sweets, destroyed the symmetry and the colour composition... - aaargh, I cannot submit this dreadful mess... but I want these dragons to remain so badly on my tree, I sacrifice a
  17. It's off topic, but... What happened to the small D'Esprit lineage? I caught two on the abandoned-page, but the family is all dead, and I didn't even know which one was my second, since it's ancestors died, and I haven't named it after them... If I remember correctly, it was linked with D'Hennegel, but the anchestors are all gone. http://dragcave.net/view/GJGu
  18. Odd, I do this all the time, since loads of my unwanted eggies died... Yet still some aren't picked up...
  19. Black and white mainly, sometimes green but black more often, because I hope to get another alt, but I haven't had any alt green for a long time. Green and gold often refuse. In my silver's line are silver and grey and silver and sky, but they haven't produced any silver offsprings lately, though I breed them every week, I'm going to try stripes next. My first cavepicked gold had a seasonal inbred father, and his forefather's had a wildly mixed anchestry: blue, magi, purple, stripes... I haven't produced a metal egg for some time, I wonder if the time you breed them is more important, th
  20. Wohaaa! *runs off and rubs eggs to free her scroll for christmas*
  21. yepp, and it's full of bigs... Can't we have a spoon to remove the adults swimming in it?
  22. Ahhht TJ, it's Chritsmas!!! Thank you!!!
  23. how come with me AP needs 38 seconds to reload?