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  1. Yeah that's also why I freaked out because I thought I was hacked. But it's been fixed now.. For some reason I made the same stupid typo six times in a row and started to panic 😅 So this thread can be closed and deleted!
  2. Help! For some reason I was logged out of the website and when I wanted to log back in my password was wrong. So I tried to change my password but got the message that they don't know my email adress? I'm confused now because I've used the same email address for my account for over 10 years already.. Can someone help me get my account back? I'm worried about my babies..
  3. I'm not a fanatic poster here, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss Odeen.. My cat Wilbert (who was the first cat I got when living on my own, so my spoiled little baby) had the same kind of heart condition. His heart muscles kept growing and he had to take all sorts of medicines to keep him around as long as possible. He got those for about 7 months before he passed away 2 years ago. He was only 2,5 years old and I still miss him a lot.. So I know how terrible you feel *hugs*
  4. So it's not just me.. Hopefully something can be done about this soon I don't have the time to check everyday, so when I get an email about a release I know I have to make time to catch some eggs! ^^
  5. Why did I not know this? I should get an email when a new thread is started in the News forum.. This is the third time I miss a release because I did not get an email... Oh well, these are beautiful eggs and hatchlings!
  6. Awesome~! Too bad I still don't have even one of the Trio dragons, so no Guardian too..
  7. I also got some notes that I really liked. Starting with this one: "If I could, I would give you a milion flowers. Hope you had a Happy Valentine's day!" "To make this clear: Diamonds do sparkle and chickens do cluck, dragons are awesome and vampires suck" (this one made me laugh) "Pumpkins are orange, werewolves are true, even if you are a ghost, many people love you! Happy day!"
  8. Sad to hear our gardens will be gone after this event.. I've got some pretty flowers, so I'll just be randomly sending them to people. If you want you can send me some too ^^ I've gotten only 4 pretty flowers so far.
  9. Soo, I just started renewing and clicking to open in new pages.. Now I have 3 of these beauties. Maybe I'll drop one back into the cave for some one else Or, if you really want it you can PM me.
  10. I love that octopus! Here's my humble little house: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/JessicaGhost I just don't know what to add to the roof.. I tried to make a roofwindow, but that didn't work out the way I wanted.
  11. I love to see all those Gingerbread houses everyone makes ^^ Some of them are amazing artworks with the dragons and everything. Others are just so cute or just really traditional. This is a wonderfull event and I can't stop decorating my house =D Here's mine. To see all those Holly's in the wilderness makes me wish I could adopt one or two.. So many people have trouble getting one while others just dump them.
  12. I like them ^^ Just caught 5 in one minute
  13. JessicaGhost


    I like it, but ever since it started to get so popular it's also getting a bit annoying. Almost every pop-artist is using it in their songs. You're hearing it everywhere. And about Skrillex, who's so famous now, I liked him better when he was singing with From First To Last. Not that I hate his music now and I respect him, but I just think it's funny that he came from an emo band and is now making dubstep. But, dubstep is still great music to dance to at a party, even tough drum and bass has better beats and is slightly more danceable.
  14. Oh man.. I was sooooo obsessed with MCR. When I found out about them six or seven years ago I was always listening to their music, looking for pictures on internet and cutting articles from magazines (I still have those somewhere). One wall in my room was covered with posters from them, AFI, Evanescence, The Used (which I'm going to see next Friday! ) and more bands like that. I'm not obsessed any more now, but they will keep a special place in my heart and I will always love their music. I still haven't seen them live. Luckily they play here (in the Netherlands) almost every time they are
  15. When I don't know what to read when I've finished a book or series I start re-reading Harry Potter. I used to get them for Christmas so every year, I started in the first book and then read them all until I finished the newest book by the end of the vacation. So, I've read the first book like 15 times and the last only 5 They're books I'll still read when I'm 60 and my grandchildren are also reading them.
  16. Here's something stupid I've done: I once tried to ride my bike over a banana box, which are made of really thick cardboard. So I fell really hard and bruised a few ribs and my wrist. My front fender also fell of my bike Luckily only a few of my friends and some drunk men saw it I told my mom I wanted to get of the side walk and fell of the edge which would be even more stupid if it was true..
  17. So, I dyed my hair today and it didn't turn out dark cherry red like I expected but dark reddish with a purple glow. I really like it though because it looks purplish in direct sunlight. I think it's amazing!
  18. @ DreadDragon: Your hair looks really cool! I've got my hair cut yesterday. It's so short I'm barely able to wear a ponytail. But I'm going to dye it tomorrow. It's now mahogany red/brownish and I want it dark cherry red. Hope it works out the way I want it!
  19. Okay, this is the first time ever that the first two eggs I clicked on were mine and not taken by someone else And those Valentine wishes are amazing! I already got some random ones and I love them
  20. I only have 9 ear piercings. 6 in my right ear (two in the cartilage at the top of my ear) and 3 in my left. I've stretched my lobes to 8mm (or 0 gauge) which are quite easy to hide if you wear plugs instead of tunnels. Most people don't even notice them. My boss noticed them after 6 months or so because I was wearing silicone tunnels (which are really thin and make your stretch look bigger) and my hair was in a ponytail. I work as a cashier in a supermarket so I have to look decent, but she said she didn't mind them. The only time people freak out is when I take them out and put my fingertip
  21. Well obviously Jessica stands for my real name, which my parents gave me. Ghost is something from an other online name I use, xLittleGhost. Someone on Myspace gave me that idea because he said I looked like a little ghost on some of my pictures there. I thought he was kinda right because I always look kind of pale in pictures, so since then I've been using that as a username =)