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  1. I've finally gotten a silver and bronze as a gift. I eventually plan on finding a gold, but for now, I need to breed more of my current tinsels so I have 10 each.
  2. I'll either kill the sucker with my sword once it grows up or I'll let it rot at the bottom of my scroll leading my two dragons that died last Halloween and were hardcore enough to revive normally.
  3. For me, a dragon's worth is in whether or not I already have 5 of them (or two for limited breeds).
  4. Yeah, I joined soon after the Skywing release which means that the Guardians were my first new release. I remember how people thought that Skywings were so uncommon/rare back then because everybody was snatching them up... Now I feel old.
  5. Let's see, if they count...I would love an army of moxie filled Leetle trees. If they don't I guess my mini seasonal army can always be expanded.
  6. The only thing I have frozen is my 2008 leetle tree. I'm actually relieved because that little guy has so much moxie that I fear what would happen if allowed to grow up. For actual dragons, I always felt that freezing was mean to them. They can never have all of life's experiences (as in breeding) when frozen.
  7. A green dino, which was my fourth egg.
  8. Xinkc

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    OMG! Everything is so shiny and new. I love the interactive map thing. Really nice work on that TJ.
  9. Aww...these pygmies look adorable! I just need two more until I have them all.
  10. I have no tinsel dragons yet...I'm not even trying to be honest. They were given out and such during the semester and I wanted to get A's and keep up a 3.8+ cumulative college GPA more than I wanted the eggs. Does that mean that I don't want them? No. I want one of each and then I'll breed myself a second bronze and a second silver. BUT I am willing to wait because I have more important things to try and get like a Pillow dragon (actually 5 for my collection), a Holly (eventually), a ND, or even just the new eggs. Truthfully, I'm also kicking myself in the rear for not have an ER male pink for Ifni but only because the offer is so fresh.
  11. Gah! So many eggs...I still haven't got my pillows from the last event.
  12. Thanks for the heads up TJ. Hope the site comes back soon.
  13. Congrats to the super-cool new mods.
  14. If I see something I need for my collection, I get it. If I can breed it so that I can get the right amount, then I breed it. A fairly simple system but it has served me well these past 2 and a half years.
  15. 'Tis awesome but it just makes me want the original sprite back.
  16. Xinkc

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    New eggs = Awesome Thank you TJ!
  17. OMG Minecraft....It sucks away my time...OMG.... It feels like time moves faster when I'm playing Minecraft.
  18. Let's see...as a college student I have to say that I definitely don't act my age. It seems like maturity rises until college and then it plummets, only to slowly rise again.
  19. I would assume it's done with some sword or gun waving, some threats, and a jar of dragon pheromones.
  20. Awww, they look so adorable. "Chubby and pink"...awesome.
  21. They all look so cute, I can't wait to see the adults. Anyways, good job spriters. Good job.
  22. I can't believe I already got one since my internet connection in college is garbage. EDIT: Managed to get my second one...man it's been a long time since I have been able to get holiday egg without a catcher.
  23. Honestly, after 2008, who can?
  24. I love the new leetle tree design...though the Christmas one will always be my favorite.
  25. Penguins annoy me more than anything.