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  1. Creative Writing Assignment by SR, one of my students, gr 4, 9 years old - edited


    Superheroes vs. Enemies


    Xanthe, Kiran, and I were walking home from school. Xanthe has powers. One is that she can teleport to anywere. She has Jean Grey's power. She can read minds and tell people what to do. Kiran has ice power. He can freeze people. He has lasers coming from his eyes and can fly. I can telepot, fly, and can read people's minds, and I have claws coming from my hand. We saw enemies like robbers. Kiran froze them. I unfroze them. I teleported into space and took them there. I counted from five to one and they were falling and landed on a plane. Xanthe set them on fire. They had to go to the hospital. We saw one plane come with many people but they were robbers. So I set the plane on fire and I controlled the plane out into space, and we never heard of them again.


    The End


    [They were told they weren't allowed to kill anyone in the story. The robbers kind of don't die, but the assumption is that they will die in space after the story ends.]


    Edit ~ oh shoot ~ I meant to leave the original up and post the edited later. Instead, I edited the original. Ah, well.

    Is this uh... the whole thing the kid wrote for the prompt?

  2. Considering the fact that Kei said that she hasn't read it in a while, I'm pretty sure she didn't know that, so no need to jump at people's throats for stating a slightly false opinion.

    Pfft. I knew that he was dead.


    Also, I'm a boy.

  3. I haven't played the game at all, but I want to. I've been surfing the FF wikia lately, and it seems interesting. I want to get FFVII so I can (hopefully) play it on my PS2. I also want Dirge of Cerberus. That looks cool, too.