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  1. I liked Howl's Moving Castle, but it, like all movies of books, wasn't very true to the novel. And I've seen Spirited Away, though it was a long time ago and I don't remember much.
  2. Is this uh... the whole thing the kid wrote for the prompt?
  3. I thought it was just automatic that teachers taught that. I learned it in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. *wink* Never heard it called the Oxford Comma, though.
  4. Holy carp. Even the papers that my classmates have me edit aren't that bad.
  5. i has teh bestest grammerz lolololol Dammit. Walrus beat me to the punch.
  6. I don't usually cry at things like this, but it pissed me off when Jiraiya from Naruto died.
  7. I really like the music on Meteora (sp?), especially Faint. Love that song.
  8. Voltaire is awesome. Not scary at all. As for songs that scare me, I have two words. LADY GAGA.
  9. I think I saw it a Wal-Mart yesterday. But I'm broke right now. D:
  10. Pfft. I knew that he was dead. Also, I'm a boy.
  11. Although I haven't read Warriors in a while, I can say right now that *sneers at Pteri* Hawkfrost is the warrior that I would've loved to have murdered myself.
  12. I haven't played the game at all, but I want to. I've been surfing the FF wikia lately, and it seems interesting. I want to get FFVII so I can (hopefully) play it on my PS2. I also want Dirge of Cerberus. That looks cool, too.
  13. I've played KH2. I didn't like it.
  14. FeedMe!FeedMe!FeedMe! I don't care what it is, just feed 'em.
  15. ((! I forgot all about this roleplay. Sorry! What's going on in the story?))
  16. ((Do frozen hatchlings count as dragons? Just Wondering))
  17. Someone please PM me and Ill give email. I need to join, and the site is down, so invite me!