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  1. Breaking Benjamin are awesome from what I've heard of them. I've only listened to a little bit of their music. My favorites are Diary of Jane and Unknown Soldier.

  2. Don't own any manga. I either get mine from the library or read them online. And I've only read a few, most of which I've never finished.

  3. ...there are more Guardian's of Ga'Hoole fans than I thought there were gonna be o_o'


    I'm now on the third book. I did lotsa reading while I was stuck in the car on the way here to this apartment/hotel/thing, so yer. I still don't know what the "you only wish" is D8


    But, of course, don't tell me xd.png I want to read what it is...


    But if I were to be sent to St. Aggie's, I probably wouldn't survive being moon blinked. I'm not good at last-minute plans...which is why I'm planing early for the zombie Apocalypse.


    I'm EXTREMELY excited for the movie. And when I say EXTREMELY, I mean excited beyond belief. I would want it to come out now, but that wouldn't give me time to finish the third, so I want it to come out when I'm done reading the third book xd.png

    You've got time. It comes out on the 24th of September.


    And you'll find out soon enough...

  4. Is where I got mah name. :3 Anyhow, the trailer looks epic, but...St. Aggie's? Pure Ones? ;(

    What about 'em?


    According to Wikipedia, the movie of the first three books, so it should have them. Probably just didn't show it in the trailer. But I can't be sure of that, I guess...

  5. I've read all of them but the last one. I gave up on the series because Soren really didn't ever do anything.


    But the last one is the best one. You should read it.


    Anyways, I've read all of the books in the series, and it's probably one of my favorites. Love it.

  6. Maybe something like.... "I never found Kira..."

    "Well, Near... it looks like I win" is what I'd be saying right before Matsuda shoots me and I run away to the warehouse and die.

  7. Oh god Kei.Leave flood control alone DX I only took my notice out my siggy a few weeks ago... *Sighs and walks to the control panel to notify everyone that kei is still attempting to kill flood control*

    Gimme a break. Everyone's trying to kill flood control.





  8. I've seen bits and pieces of Spirited Away but never watched it straight through from beginning to end. :/

    And Howl's Moving Castle I bought the anime-manga books. And then I read the ACTUAL book. That one was so much better and the characters were so much more believable. *highly recommend if you love this movie*


    I've also seen Princess Mononoke(sp?), which was amazing.

    I saw the movie and then read the novel right after I saw it.