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  1. Disturbed is awesome. My favorite songs are Inside the Fire, Voices, The Night, Liberate, and Ten Thousand Fists. I like all of their songs though. My favorites from Asylum are The Infection, Warrior, and Never Again.
  2. It's the first three letters of my name (prounounced like key) with "To Everything" added. The rest should be pretty obvious.
  3. Adding more. Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, and Alesana. Favorite band out of all of these is Disturbed.
  4. Here's mah profile. http://www.arvyre.com/profile.php?user=Kei Just joined.
  5. Naruto is pretty good. My favorite is probably Shikamaru. He was awesome in the Hidan and Kakuzu arc.
  6. Rock, metal, screamo, some electronic, and a liiiiittle tiny bit of rap.
  7. Oh. I was putting the url in the wrong part. Thanks rabbit and Satyr.
  8. Thank you Leany. It's awesome. Um... how do you put in the url to link it to a page?
  9. Haiii Leany. Could you do a request for me, please? After Google of course. Trainer: Ethan/Gold Pokemon: Can you do more than one? If yes, then Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, in that order. If not, then just Venusaur. Direction: Right
  10. I disagree, this one is also one of the few good Pokemon openings. In my opinion at least. Anyways, 1. Fighting Dreams - Naruto 2. *Asterisk - Bleach 3. Youth Rhapsody - Naruto Those are my top three.
  11. This, if you include all of those little disney popstars who think they can sing well and but really suck. Badly.
  12. Twilight Princess. Mostly because it's the only one I've played.
  13. Have you beat the game? Seven times. Have you found all of the stray beads? No. Gotten all of the weapons? Yeah. Had trouble with spider gates? No. Found all the secret brush techniques? Yup. The Thunderstorm upgrade never works though.
  14. Most. Amazing. Movie. Ever. Probably the deepest movie I've ever seen, too. I agree with Rhea though, the ending was just... I don't know.
  15. I've got a little black havanese/westie mix.
  16. ^ The article said that Aang's son was going to teach Korra airbending, so they'll be at least one.
  17. When I hear music, in my head I see what the music would look like physically. Like, when I hear an electric guitar in a Distured song, to me it would look like a zig zag type line. So I guess. I dunno if that's the same thng though.
  18. I kinda like City Folk. I have it for my wii.
  19. Trying to beat Cyrus in the Distortion World in Pokemon Platinum.
  20. "But... the hobos... never got... free chicken... *dies*"
  21. ^ That's because the movie is only of the first season. Anyways, Avatar is pretty cool. I do want to see the movie, just to see if they actually did mess it up.