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  1. My mom has this annoying habbit of starting a thought and then trailing off in the middle. It can be around five minutes before she starts speaking again. It makes me want to punch her.

    Similar to that, I'll be talking to my father and I'll ask him a question. He'll do almost exactly that, start answering, and then not answer and go back to whatever he was doing with me still standing there. It usually results in the same feeling.

  2. I almost gave this game up, because I got tired of dying over and over, since I have really no one to play with.

    I saw how the level 60 gear for my main (demon hunter) would look, and now I'm determined to get there. x)

    I still like the game, but grinding for 5 hours for 1 piece of gear, and dying a lot on anything higher than normal makes me not want to play it for more than a few hours a day though.

  3. I've seen the end of this game, and I love the thought-provoking story that it presents. Very good.


    However, I cannot play it myself for more than 15 minutes at a time, and I haven't beaten it. Yet at least. I'll pull through it eventually though.

    I'd like to include that I've owned the game for over a year. XD

  4. Diablo 3 is real good. What I've played of it. Between server outages and personal stuff and whatnot, I haven't gotten much chance to play it, but it's super cool. And it runs surprisingly well on my mac. xd.png

  5. Quite a late reply, but...

    I've been playing Mass Effect 2 and 3 lately. Love them both to death. Shot right up to my 1 and 2 spots on my favorite games ever, with ME2 at the top because that story is just a little better in my opinion than 3.

    I really hope there's an me4. I really hope it isn't about Shepard though. I feel like they closed off his tale quite well, but I want more. I want games to show me things that the books talked about, or just things that shaped the galaxy's history. Things like the creation of the genophage, the Krogan rebellions, the rachni wars, the Morning War, First Contact War, or maybe the protheans' war with the reapers. Perhaps from Javik's point of view, who knows?


    In short, I really love the two of these games that I've played. If I had a medium to play ME1, I definitely would, too.

  6. The trailers from ME3 look really sick. Too bad I haven't played the others, because knowing what I know about the series, I'd have to play them all to understand 3.

    I definitely want to play it sometime down the road now, though.

  7. Mmm. That does sound tedious. I actually thought of using some easy level techniques and getting the robes, but even before I get those it's pretty difficult early on.

    Then what would be better before I get extra effect: enchanting rings and necklaces with fortify magicka, or fortify magicka regen?

  8. Enchanted weapons need to be recharged, even on NPCs.


    Anyone have any advice for playing a straight up mage, without armor? I tried it and it's extremely frustrating without armor and having to use spells to get it. I'm better at sneaking though, so maybe I just need to practice more, but...

  9. Well I actually got it after Skyrim, which was kind of a bad choice. It's good, it starts off slow and you have to plan out everything you do. Unlike Skyrim, you choose all the skills you'll use at the beginning and those are the only skills that level you up. And the graphics and stuff are nothing compared to it.

    That said, I'd still recommend it if you can deal with all of that.

  10. I play skyrim way more than I probably should. I have 5 or 6 different characters by now because of ps3 lag, which is now better because of a recent patch. So now I can do everything on one character instead of a fragment of it across different characters.


    My favorite style and race is a stealthy khajiit assassin/illusionist who's also a vampire. Very OP.


    I've also played Oblivion, which I jump back in to from time to time, but it's nowhere near Skyrim obviously.

  11. TF2. (And other games, like Minecraft, etc)

    Friends. My friends are awesome.


    Good feedback on my writing.

    Sleeping. (Marathon sleeper lol)

    Food. :D

    Snow. I LOVE SNOW. So beautiful. (:


    Uh... that's just a few off the top of my head, but I'm generally a pretty happy person.