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  1. ME3 extended cut... really hoping this makes the ending a little more sense-making at the very least.
  2. I don't take pictures of myself very much. This is probably the most recent one I have. It's not very accurate either, since I straightened my hair that day for teh lulz. But, hey, it's a semi-recent picture.
  3. I'm 14, never had a serious relationship. I like to think that the reason for that is a mix between me being shy an me not knowing anyone who seems "right". Not sure if one of the other bears more heavily on it. I'm content with it though. Not really looking for a girlfriend. If someone comes along that I think might be "right" then I'd probably pursue them, or try to, but I haven't met any girls who I can really relate to.
  4. I really want a Vita. Even though I don't know any games coming out for it, or out for it right now besides Uncharted. Soul Sacrifice looked good when I saw it at E3 though.
  5. ^The store is the only way to get keys, sadly. Feels like a ripoff to me. 2.50 for one key. /head shake If you're looking for stranges, I'd suggest trading.
  6. You can find some as drops, but most of the really good rare ones you have to trade people for. Boston Basher and Holy Mackerel are just different melee weapons, and the pistol is alright. I think that the stock scattergun and pistol are best for scout though.
  7. Good good. I've finally hit 50 though and now I'm just farming for gold in Nightmare for new gear before I start trucking through Hell.
  8. ohey just saw this hahaha. Sorry. Sure, I'll play with you sometime. I really don't play on any specific server though, so shoot me a message when you want to since I'm pretty much always on steam. Yeah, I trade. I wish I would have seen this sooner because I had a few good medic items, but I crafted them into metal. I'll keep on the lookout for you though. What item is it? Hats are just, well, hats. You can put them on your characters. Some are parts of sets, and some of the sets give you bonuses if you have all the weapons and hat equipped. For example, for the medic if
  9. ^Feel better Lyric! Don't rush it. No need to come back early if you're not feeling good.
  10. I see. Apparently the people I've heard talk about it before exaggerate. I'll make sure to keep that in mind. Thank you. I still have a lot of money to save even if it is only around $1500, so I have a while to figure all that stuff out.
  11. ^What's a good rig cost to build yourself? Because I've heard that there's a few good prebuilts, such as the Gateway FX 6831-03 that I was looking at earlier, can run games like Diablo 3 and Crysis 2 on the highest settings. Costs around $1500. Edit: When I say good, I pretty much mean super powered. I want to run everything on the highest settings. Which I've heard probably costs $5000.
  12. I have a mac with limited gaming capabilities, but I definitely prefer playing it to ps3, and I'm saving up for a good gaming pc. PS3 is how I play most of my games at the moment, and it's my second favorite. I like that a bunch of ps1 and ps2 games are on it, lots of good classics there, such as Metal Gear Solid which I'm playing right now. I also have a wii, and I haven't played it in the past 3 years probably. My little brothers play it a lot more than I do.
  13. I second this, minus the in real life part. I'd like to though.
  14. I usually do that too. I'll wait until there's a big push like you said, but I always pop it almost immediately. Usually it gets at least one sentry in the intel room/final point/whatever else. I'd say defer to your judgement on when you should use it though.
  15. Good good. That's the best way to play them imo. It gets quite annoying when one person, usually a heavy, decides they need a personal medic and starts shouting it endlessly. >.> I like engineer as well, but I feel like I get too attached to my sentry.
  16. I wouldn't. Some of those items are quite a ripoff. The only thing I've spent real money on is keys for some crates, and only got mediocre stranges and a completely crap hat. Oh well. Edit: What kind of medic do you play, Kaini? Like a pocket medic and only heal one person, a battle medic who doesn't heal, buff medic who makes sure everyone is overhealed (like I do when I play medic), etc?
  17. You can craft items, buy them from the store, or get them from drops. I think your drops are on some sort of a timer, but I'm not sure of the intervals. The items that you get are completely random. You can get most normal weapons from it I believe.
  18. Indeed. It was quite funny. They were just standing outside our spawn doing that. I think the whole team was dead at the same time from them at one point. Or a lot of us at least.
  19. Gaming, music, sleeping, occasionally bike rides, friends, gaming with friends, watching youtube gameplay, making money, having money, spending money, other assorted types of gaming... I'm a pretty chill person, so a lot of stuff makes me happy.
  20. You know you've been playing too much Dark Souls/Demon's Souls if you start thinking that some black phantom is gonna come and kill you. I've been guilty of that.
  21. I was playing last night and saw two medics, one ubering the other and the other one meleeing everyone. And then the uber ran out, so they switched places and the first one had an uber. I thought it was rather lulzy. I play scout most of the time. Shortstop seems rather op paired with criticola, that's been my build lately for him.
  22. I bought Metal Gear Solid 1 on the psn, been meaning to play that before I buy the HD collection. Other than that, always TF2. Slowly working my way towards level 60 on Diablo 3 as well. 20 more levels to go... *sigh*