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    I loooooove tea. I don't drink nearly enough of it. My favorite for a long time was peppermint tea, but recently my friend has introduced me to blueberry. <3 Incredible stuff.
  2. The internet made these twice as unfunny.
  3. I found it a bit difficult to get into but I quite like it! I'm not an expert on RPGs so I couldn't give you insight on the battlan or anything.
  4. Dragon Age Origins is the game I'm working on right now. I've gotten bored with it so I'm taking a vidya break. Eternally playing Pokemon.
  5. I prefer not to use the Oxford comma. :B I am pretty terrible at grammar though, and barely decent at spelling lmao.
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    Squiby anyone?

    New: Clicked all above. :3
  7. Mareep

    Squiby anyone?

    I've started collecting again for lack of anything better to do. I guess I could spam some in here haha. I'll focus on these for now. Plus the ones in my signature. Clicked everyone above me. <3
  8. I used to try and give my dragons serious names, but now I don't care much lol. I'm behind in my naming though.
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    Squiby anyone?

    I love Squiby. :B My profile: http://www.squiby.net/user/Sayum And some of my adopts: And those are just *some* of the ones I'm trying to level. :B I have a bunch that are raised and some that I'm waiting to level.
  10. They are qt. Too bad I lack artistic talent, otherwise I would make some.
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    Wow, that is gorgeous! <333
  12. All rigged. lol, these take foreeeeeever.
  13. lol, I don't think I can take this oath. I like to breed on a schedule (I get impatient otherwise) and forget to see if the AP is full when I do.
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    Ohhh wow, yumiyutaka. I've seen people with a lot of your Pokemon plush on pkmncollectors. Beautiful job!
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    We could probably have a poll asking which dragon people would most like to become a plushie, and have a few made of that plushie. If it does well, we could branch out into other dragons.