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  1. I had an old e-mail registered here! I'd been meaning to get around to updating it to my new addy, but hadn't. So, what if I won, but didn't get the e-mail because of having the wrong e-mail address registered here????



    My brain hurts. sad.gif

  2. Valentine- So You Come Here Often

    Cheese- Cheez It

    Albino- SPF 100

    Albino frozen hatchie- Coppertone Baby

    Gold- Bananas in Pajamas

    Gold- Platitudinous

    Silver Male- 3 is a magic number

    Alt Black- Skillethead

    Alt black- Well Color Me Pink

    Alt black- Ain't No Hollaback Girl

    Alt Black- It Be Dark in Herr

    Ochredrake- Mighty Mighty Earthtone

    Blue Stripe- Don't Steal My Thunder

    Green Stripe- Where's My Trashcan

    Green Stripe-Yellow and Blue Make Green

    Blue Stripe- My Wings Are Yellow

    Sunrise- Cloudy With A Chance of Rain

    Daydream- This Cloud is Lonely

    Daydream- Who Said That

    Male Pink- Pink's for Boys Too

    Male Pink- Where'd My Wife Go

    Female Pink- I IZ RETURNED

    Geode- What's That on My Nose

    Geode- I Wish I Was in Hawaii

    Geode- I Block Ads

    Geode- I'm Really a Gold