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  1. I had an old e-mail registered here! I'd been meaning to get around to updating it to my new addy, but hadn't. So, what if I won, but didn't get the e-mail because of having the wrong e-mail address registered here???? My brain hurts.
  2. I know my eggs were fogged, I KNOW they were! How'd they die anyway??!! In other news, I picked up three more to replace the deaders. Keeping these babies fogged until incu-hatch time just to be safe
  3. I don't know who sent me the one that said "Roses are red violets are blue this poem makes no sense banana", but THANK YOU!!! It made me smile, and, believe me, that JUST what I needed today!
  4. Hear now, what's up with this "Sorry LOL BRB" crap?! lol
  5. My frozen hatchie, Wicked Witch of the West, has the following stats: Actions Name: The Wicked Witch of the West Egg Laid on: Sep 25, 2008 Hatched on: Sep 28, 2008 Overall Views: 46654 Unique Views: 17731 Clicks: 188
  6. I'm a purple from May '08 with two purple children. http://dragcave.net/view/n/vixi ETA: I'm also a male gold http://dragcave.net/view/n/Vixibelles%20Nugget
  7. Valentine- So You Come Here Often Cheese- Cheez It Albino- SPF 100 Albino frozen hatchie- Coppertone Baby Gold- Bananas in Pajamas Gold- Platitudinous Silver Male- 3 is a magic number Alt Black- Skillethead Alt black- Well Color Me Pink Alt black- Ain't No Hollaback Girl Alt Black- It Be Dark in Herr Ochredrake- Mighty Mighty Earthtone Blue Stripe- Don't Steal My Thunder Green Stripe- Where's My Trashcan Green Stripe-Yellow and Blue Make Green Blue Stripe- My Wings Are Yellow Sunrise- Cloudy With A Chance of Rain Daydream- This Cloud is Lonely Daydream- Who Said That Male Pink- Pink's for Boys Too Male Pink- Where'd My Wife Go Female Pink- I IZ RETURNED Geode- What's That on My Nose Geode- I Wish I Was in Hawaii Geode- I Block Ads Geode- I'm Really a Gold
  8. These are the two I have: Easy Lovr (gold) code=lovr Martin the Meek (frozen black) code=meek I bet people who get offspring from Easy Lovr think I spelled her name wrong. lol If only they'd check the code...
  9. I only read the first page (it's almost time for the hourly drop...like I'll get anything anyway), but, I must say I very much like this idea.