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  1. Updated! @Nicole: Yeah, cave blockers from contests and other projects are welcomed in here as well.
  2. Sweetly updated. Happy March!
  3. Updated! gravity404: Yeah, it still counts.
  4. Freshly updated! @nambs: Yeah, what purpledragonclaw said. I believe dragons are pretty much erased from existence. Sorry to see you go. :c
  5. Haloclimb: Removed you from the waiting list! Thanks for the help, Stephbexx.
  6. Ziairi: Totals updated. Cave blockers are often picked up and thrown once their hours are up, so it's kinda a no surprise.
  7. Sheriziya: Totals updated. Ziairi: Welcome! I would count night/glory drakes as an uncommon so, 8 blockers needed per drake. Cabalsux: Understandable. Totals updated!
  8. purpledragonclaw: Totals updated.
  9. Stephbexx: Alright, thanks for the donation! Real life goes first, so very understandable. Cirvihi: Totals updated and updated your information in the holiday donors section.
  10. Stephbexx: Totals updated. purpledragonclaw: Totals updated.
  11. Updated! Stephbexx: Totals updated. Thanks for the donation! QAndais: Totals updated. Per Capita: ohhai, a familiar face in IRC. Welcome! purpledragonclaw: Totals updated. JeanClaude: Welcome! Stelly: Added you to the waiting list! Sheriziya: Welcome! MeredithG: Welcome! Bookfanatic: Totals updated.
  12. Stephbexx: Hmm... leaning more on the 'increasing prices' side. Had no idea they were super cheap. Community, what's your say on increasing prices on metallics? Stelly: Added you to the helper list. Welcome to the army of helpers! Ice_SW: Updated your count. Caius: Added you to the helper list. Welcome! Also, donors are always accepted, especially for metallics. xenryusho: Added you to the backlog of requests! Updated in the midst of midterms.
  13. Cirvihi: Added you to the Holiday Donors list. Jadeunicorn: Count updated and added you to the waiting list. (Seriously considering increasing the price) Also, starting Valentines waiting list early.
  14. Derp, deleted Remy400 from the waiting list. Updated as well. Also, taking donors for Valentines 2012.
  15. Updated! Eggs don't count to your totals.
  16. Updated before I go off to Las Vegas for a couple of days. @ghb523: Unfortunately, no-one requested to breed. The only one who can breed holidays is apparently me... and another problem, I don't have Hollies. @LinkTheHylian: Sure! What type of tinsels do you wish to breed in this thread?
  17. Updated! Removed Stephbexx from the holiday waiting list! (MisaTange gifted) Current breeder is out of holidays, so holiday list closed. That is, if anyone else is willing to breed.
  18. Updated! @Valura: No, it isn't okay to do that and will cause you to be graylisted.