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"If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results then surely my quest for [your] salvation ranks me as one of the maddest of men . . ."


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    When I go to all the trouble of specifically requesting NO PM's and go out of my way to include the addendum of NO EXCEPTIONS not only in my trade requests but here in my profile as well, I would really appreciate it if people would actually take the time to READ that and keep it in mind.

    To do otherwise is very disrespectful and presumptuous, not to mention harassing. Especially when it's for the express purpose of DEMANDING things or to personally attack me/my style of game-play.

    It should also go without saying that egg-begging, whining, and general snottiness are always a turn-off. I'm not that into random chatting just to pass the time either, especially if we aren't close friends.

    Unaccountable rudeness, blatant disregard for common courtesy, and self-serving/mannerless behavior of this type is exactly why I do not wish to be contacted on the forums for any real reason anymore, by ANYONE. Not unless, I've contacted you first.

    Honestly, why is it that hard for people on these forums to even feign politeness or try to be conciliatory to others at all?

    I only really use this forum for trading. But when I do put things up for trade, this does not in any way negate or lessen my desire to be left alone for the most part. I will either accept an offer or I won't. I do not feel the need to compromise/settle, be browbeaten/guilted/shamed, or to explain/defend myself to anyone.

    **To that end, the only real GIFTS (i.e. things outside of trades) that I truly want from certain people on these forums is for them to leave me be and not bother me (this includes quoting/replying to my posts), so that I can have at least SOME peace of mind.**

    And I am fully within my rights to do so. To be clear, I am not angry. Only stating things as clearly, concisely, and matter-of-factly, as I possibly know how. I use all caps to give extra emphasis to things, not to intentionally scream it. I can't really help being very annoyed though, when people absolutely refuse to even COMPREHEND, let alone abide by my personal preferences, yet expect me to capitulate to every single one of theirs.

    The way that you choose to interpret my statements/tone is up to you. If anything I have posted offends anyone, then I truly do apologize.

    But failure to have even the least bit of consideration for my extreme wish to not be constantly accosted by such egotistical bullying-type of messages, will result in my not only blocking you, but refusing to trade with you in the future.

    If you ever happen to find that you are unable to message/contact me or that your trade offers are being continually declined by me, then it it is most likely because you are in fact: BLOCKED. And once you are on my blocked list, the likelihood of your getting off of it for any reason, if ever, is very slim to none.

    Persistence in these matters will result in my reporting you.