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  1. I'm liking the looks of these!!!
  2. Thanks for the new release TJ and spriters
  3. Dang I forgot!!! Had some ready too! 🙄
  4. what does this say? And look! It&rsuo;s developed a sharp, bony crest on its snout. It must be close to maturi
  5. does anyone elses latest dragons say "last bred on Oct 26, 2016"? these dragons just grew up on Nov 5,2016.
  6. Darn I missed the raffle...was in hospital. At least I got to donate!
  7. Just donated a couple of CB's
  8. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: daykeeper Forum name:alphadaykeeper Birthday: Oct 24 List: 1.neglected 2.3g from spriter's Alts 3a.I really 3b.am not 4a.picky 4b.about these! My favorite dragon is.. Avatar of destruction
  9. Brown Copper Hatchling ---> daykeeper that's me...that's me! Woohoo! I'm A Winner! Thanks so much! Congrats to everyone and thank you to Clya for the raffle! where do I pick up?
  10. Have entered...so excited! Good luck everyone!
  11. what happened to the rest of the lineage? [/url][/img]
  12. just happened female Lumina X male Albino = Dark Lumina egg female Lumina X male waterhorse = Dark Lumina egg do the light colored version of Dark Lumina come from the Dark Lumina egg also?
  13. this just happened at 9:11am CDT and looks like they're still dropping in the cave...
  14. 2nd G? how can this be? these should be 1st G
  15. How long have they been obtainable anytime?
  16. the Graveyard has been around since at least 2008 when I started playing Dragon cave
  17. https://dragcave.net/lineage/BoIOU He's really gonna be saying that when I freeze him!