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  1. Ooh! I love the show! And since everyone's doing it, here's my fav six: 1. Rarity 2. Pinkie Pie 3. Fluttershy 4. Princess Celestia 5. Zecora 6. Princess Luna Even though Luna only appeared in one episode, I really like her!
  2. It's not really the song that I want you to listen to, but more like the music video It's so weird on so many levels But the good weird, not the bad weird ^^ It also helps that the song is really catchy >.>
  3. Oh yeah, I know that part about the probs with Japan and stuff cause I'm Chinese :3 But don't worry, I have nothing against Japan ^^ Mushishi? Never heard of it before, but I'll check it out ^^ Thanks
  4. RainSpirit

    Warrior Cats Books!

    I thought the first two series were really good- especially the second one. But starting at the third series, it just got really boring and bad at the same time... The fourth series is a little better but I feel as if their writing style has changed- and I don't like the new one that much. I think they have too many authors :-/ I stopped reading them, but I may begin them again some time later. But I seriously think Erin Hunter needs to stop writing Warriors; I feel as if they're running out of good ideas :-/ If you ask me, I think they should have stopped with the second series.
  5. Oh...I feel so stupid now... o.o o.o Lol, I got confused because of the smile Hm...so you hate it? Hm...now I'm not so sure if I want to read it anymore...
  6. @Abandonship I'm not that big on the shounen side...but I guess I can try it someday o3o @ylangylang Hetalia! I wanted to try that out a long time ago but I forgot about it Thanks for reminding me! ^^ @ sparkdragon Lol...I'm not too big on the shounen side again...but I'll try out the shoujo stuff you mentioned :]
  7. @Cybele Hm...I only heard of a few of those before :3 I'll check them out ^^ @Xbcdrt I watched a bit of the Death Note anime and I'm not too interested in it :-/ Black Butler seems interesting though ^^ @dragonixwave Hm..okay, I think I should check it out ^^ My friend also likes to read it. @Applesauce I never heard any of them, but they seems interesting ^^ I'll check them out Except for Uzumaki maybe...I don't really like scary stuff. >.>
  8. Oh, Sailor Moon? I watched some of the anime before but I never read the books >.> I'm not too interested in it...but I guess if I get bored one day then I'll check it out ^^
  9. Hm..I heard of most of those but I'm check them out
  10. Hmm...I see ^^ I heard of all of those before except for Hana Yori Dango. I'm not really interested in Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, and Loveless....but if I ever feel like it I'll go and check them out :3
  11. Hm...all sound interesting so I'll definitely check them out ^^ I heard of Ouran High School Host Club before though
  12. Oh...well...usually the seconds aren't as good as the first :3
  13. Huh? There is? Cool! I'll read it if I ever get the chance ^^ But I will have to reread the first book to refresh my memory
  14. Hm...I'll definitely check both of those out ^^ And if you have tastes like mine, you should definitely check out Dengeki Daisy
  15. I heard of Inuyasha, but I'm not really interested...and I don't really like the style of characters o3o Yeah... So it's basically about finding a gem? Hm...that reminds me of Tsubasa, since he's finding feathers instead. But is Tsubasa good? I heard of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind ^^ In fact, my sister has the books so I definitely plan on reading them some time ^^
  16. Wow. That's cool ^^ And that reminds me, I wrote a book with my older sister but the book wasn't very long. And it was a very silly book
  17. I remember I read it, but I don't really remember what happened. But I know I liked it ^^
  18. I'm always coming up with ideas, getting excited, typing them down, and then later losing interest because I get lazy....... This time I'm determined to make the one I'm writing now finished though cause it's got a different and better concept than my other ones
  19. @Daydreamer: Hmm...all of those sound interesting- I'm going to add them to my list Except for the one that's unfinished...I hate it most when I get into a manga/book just to find out it's never gonna be continued :3 And it's ok if they're light hearted ^^ It's hard to find a manga with deep meaning anyways >.> @Raistlin I get what you mean ^^ But yeah...I'm not too big in the mystery department but once in a while I may suddenly feel like reading it @digipup I read a little bit of Rozen Maiden before...I don't remember what happens at all >.> So if I get the chance I'll pick it up again ^^
  20. Hm..I'll definitely check some of those out on your list And I think maybe I should make my own list >.> I heard that Bleach is good...but I don't think it's my type of manga. And once again thanks for the suggestions
  21. Ok, I'll definitely watch Lovely Complex then But first I must get the time to watch it >.> But I definitely will some day ^^ Yeah...I don't think Monster's for me...but the part about them not being as silly makes me just a little interested... Lachrymation mentioned Detective Conan Not sure if I'm that interested, but I might check it out one day if I'm feeling for a mystery Anyways, thanks for the suggestions ^^
  22. Let's see....I never heard of Shingeki no Kyojin...I'll add it too my list ^^ I heard of Death Note and watched a bit of the anime, but it's too complicated for me >.< I heard of Lovely Complex and Skip Beat ^^ I'll read/watch them when I find the time I also heard of Detective Conan, but yeah...I don't really like dead bodies >.> And I'm not too big on the history genre...and if I started it now I'll definitely have a lot of catching up to do Anyways, thanks for the reply
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    I only have 5 manga books :3 And all of them all Dengeki Daisy ^^
  24. Granted, but it's so peaceful that it's boring so everyone commits suicide. I wish for there to be no HW
  25. Hmm...I see....I heard of Full Metal Alchemist but never really knew what it was about. If I get the time I'll check it out ^^ And thanks for posting!