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  1. Last night i dreamt about a girl i knew in the 6th grade, It wasnt inappropriate, we met in an elevator,we talked,said hi, i kissed her(she was shocked ) we left the elevator, her father was nearby so i got out of there ASAP
  2. The lord of the rings:the two towers,ive been reading this book for a month....not really,just ive started it more than a month ago and ive been busy and/or sidetracked
  3. Some sort of chicken dish with rice
  4. 2 packets of twix,a jug of choclate milk,some other packet of chocolate, another packet of choclate i dont know the name of and a kitkat and a packet of mentos.....oh and im underweight by the way
  5. Hot with a side dish of hot I live in iran but im british,i moved here from canada.should be leaving soon
  6. Today i found my first thuwed so im really happy about this.now i just need a dorkface then i can make a dorkwed.once i have collected all the dragons and the 2 lineages,i will start gifting. The thuwed lineage i found: http://dragcave.net/lineage/IlR9B If the user is on the forums id like to thank wolf_paradise_ Because he/she is the one who abandoned this thuwed
  7. Ive noticed different scrolls dont have all the dragons but still they have multiples of the same dragon.so i was wondering how people choose which dragon they want next. My way of choosing is i go to the ap and i just take any egg that i Haven't caught yet.so basically im trying to get a complete collection of every dragon possible to get for the average user.right now i am able to get the "easy dragons" but eventually ill be forced to spend lots of time refreshing the ap page and then eventually breeding and summoning or getting the neglected dragon.i wont get doubles of a dragon untill i get every dragon or i need to for some reason. How do you choose your next egg?
  8. Choclate(anything chocolate), food(mostly something with chicken),eggs and if im desperate bread with something
  9. I went with a lord of the rings theme and I got 2 amazing names Monster of moria lake Quiver of legolas Cool names huh? Edit:I also got Motorola razr v3 British humour Such perfect names,and not to mention ironic....maybe
  10. I just got My own name Warner brother studios presents I think I'm going to have the rest of my names lord of the rings themed
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    I've played fallout 3,fallout new Vegas and skyrim and I have to say skyrim tops them all. Having said that,fallout 3 is still an awesome game and I had tons of fun with it. I really can't wait for fallout 4 to finally come after all the waiting and mystery. But no story or game world is truly like skyrim. I used to be a vault dweller,then I took an enclave to the dad.
  12. This is such a good idea.....too bad,I haven't been around long enough to breed dragons of much value
  13. Favorite names I got: Remembering Robin Williams Dwemor Draculite Rising legion Will jaden Smith Prancing frodo pony Skyz king Apocalypse of onslaught Gazer of rooms Lime water Zim zam The rest of the names I got were too easy.I'll add the next names I get.I must make them epic .
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    If i could find a way.....i would be a vegiterian....
  15. definitely.....ill aim at the zombies ding dong
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    I had a cat and he did the same thing
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    Meat is a nesessary part of our diet.Without it we can get very sick....i tried being a vegi eater but the first few days i got sick so i started eating meat agian....god made animals for us to eat......just not all animals
  18. It would be cool to have an online test to see if you would survive a zombie attack
  19. Fallout 3 and fallout new vegas are the best games i have ever played
  20. gad786

    Final Fantasy

    I had final fantasy last year...it seemed pretty boring....and agin...i didnt play it more than a few minutes
  21. Godzilla is a pretty stupid game
  22. I usto have sims 3 but the disc got scratched Now i only have it for cell phone
  23. I usto play WoW but it dosnt work on my current laptop.