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  1. ive just started playing the guitar,i got it as a gift over a year ago.It is a classical guitar.its a yamaha c40.i love it! i can play classic songs such as the godfather by nino rota(i can play the whole song from heart(learned it from a tab)) and fur elise(with enough practice)obviously i have messed around with different tabs from my favorite songs such as the theme of super mario and the theme of harry potter. i am able to play songs where you play one string at a time but when it comes to chord i have difficulty i mean,i know where to put my fingers for the chords but i have a bit of difficulty when it comes to strumming chords,i also am not very fast at changing chords but ill get there.i practice a few hours every day. as far as chorded songs go,im trying to learn wonderwall but maybe i should choose a song that doesnt need a capo.
  2. 1.my reds are having fertility problems 2.im missing every red in the cave
  3. im planning to make a lineage after my own real life one(once ive completed my other scroll goals ),anyone else done this?if you have then could you add a link in your post? im planning to add my whole family(like my uncles,aunts cousins etc),i think it will look dope/awesome
  4. 0/2 i can summon again on november 20, wish me luck
  5. new dragons are always awesome to have.sprite updates are not better or equal in awesomeness but dimorphism is as awesome as well as alts
  6. "straight outa compton" for a female magma.dope.
  7. i was looking at the different dragcave creatures and i think the one with the most human faces are the dinos. so which dragon/creature has your favorite face? my favorite faces are: 1.green dino 2.seasonals 3.horse 4.plated colosus 5.royal blue 6.xenowyrms 7.cheese 8.pumpkin 9.balloon 10.pillow i think these dragons have the coolest faces.i like plenty of other dragons on dragcave,but these have the best faces,i think theyre more detailed,while the others are more snakeish.i think dragcave needs more dragons with heads bigger in comparison with theyre body.
  8. I JUST CAUGHT A PAPER!!!!!! when i told my friend on the phone he said "what?you cut a paper?i can cut paper too"XDhe knew what i was saying but he was making fun of my british accent im gonna try and trade it for a blue or red dino when the 5 hour caveborn wait is up.if anyone is interested pm me. i feel bad that i should be gifting it since i already have one but i dont have a red or a blue dino so it kinda justifies my lack or generosity
  9. 17 and ive never been to a dentist in my life except once for a checkup.
  10. summoned using a female magma and failed 0/1
  11. at the moment only dragcave.maybe in a month or two when i leave iran ill buy a 3ds or some console and start gaming again.gotta catch em all
  12. if you might have clicked the egg too slow,you definitely lost it. legit?
  13. the beatles ofcourse! i also like: one direction the rolling stones ac/dc pink floyd beachboys
  14. 31 degrees celcius,this is actually quite good in iran especially the city i am in(qom)
  15. awesome.I think the new horse dragons sprite for the males looks epic,but it kinda reminds me of this: not that i dont love the new sprites theyre epic,they just remind me(look similar) to/of the above
  16. gad786


    over the years(im 17 now)ive had a few cats,some i brought into the house and some werent mine but i still called them mine because i loved them so much.almost all of them(except one)were from the street and friendly (dont worry,they got theyre vaccinations and whatnot) and in the end they were thrown out(not by me) because they were too much a nuisance for my parents one day i will have a cat that i will keep from when its a kitten and it will be in my own home and no one will be able to take fuzzyman away from me
  17. im a guy physically and psychologically. i dress masculine and in male clothes.i just like to dress well and look good. the only way in which i am a "deviant"is i like to have long hair,although now i have pretty short hair but this used to be me: then i did this: when i posted that photo my uncle said it was too feminine and that long hair is okay but not styled femininely.usually i had it in a "brobun" big mistake,i know,but i wont cut my hair even for styling for another 6 years.so,it wont be cut till 2021 any comments are welcome.
  18. i used to have chickens,but i got rid of them in the end.they were a mess and noisy and the neighbors/landlord didnt like them.
  19. when people hear me they say im british but im born in canada.the reason i sound britihs is because my mom is british and i picked up on her accent.now,with my words,the way that i pronounce words,its a mix of british and american. i have nothing against the american accent,but when people learn english as a second language they need to speak with a british accent.if english is your second language,the only time you can learn american english is if you live in america,otherwise you will just sound wacky trying to be american.when iranians here try to talk american they sound terrible,my aunt on the other hand talks perfectly because she learned british(original english)english as a second language. bottom line :british english and american english,i have not prejudice(but my preference is british).but if your native language isnt english,then learn british,for american go and live in america to learn properly. im done
  20. as pets definitely the almighty cat as an animal......bears,i think they are epic creatures
  21. i was in the 2nd grade(im 17 now) and i gave a homemade valentines card to this girl in the second or third grade confessing my love.....i was a messed up kid,i did this in the playground. what in the world was i thinking!!!!!