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    Porrtal is a pretty cool game.I had it and i really liked it...then i lost it and i am not at liberty to say how....
  2. gad786

    What is the very first video game you ever played?

    The first game i ever played was tony hawk...which one....i dont know
  3. gad786

    Animal Crossing

    I have animal crossing wild world for ds and once i reset my town.....bad choice
  4. gad786


    Did you watch the music video of it...Hilarious I watched it 1000 times
  5. gad786

    Mature rated games and underage gamers.

    I think that at the age of 10 children can play mildly violents games....at the age of 13 really bloody....15...any game in the world
  6. gad786


    Last year i was the best in science in my class
  7. gad786


    lolcats rock!
  8. gad786

    Things that make you happy

    Cats no school islam quran my mother my brother deen dogs birds ants plants internet money laptop video games ben 10 music a good school and plenty of other things
  9. gad786


    i love all cats! My favorite non-domestic cat is a tiger.....afterall,it is my chineese sign They seem very elegant. i dont dislike cats cause they are loyal....i had a cat that would leave the house and come back....With kittens i usto have a cat and yes i want to have a cat again I think that show buisness is nice as long as the cats are still loved
  10. gad786


    i use to play a fun game named plants.vs.zombies....a wicked game
  11. gad786

    What do you write with?

    I write with a pen.Normal disposable...preferably with big tip
  12. gad786

    Your final words...

    I would say"May god have mercy on my sole"
  13. gad786


    Yes i love wolves!They are awesome!
  14. gad786

    Where's your name from?

    I just came up with mine randomely
  15. gad786

    Pet Peeves

    Not being able to go on the internet or play my videogames
  16. gad786

    2011-09-17 - Secret Friday Release

    Yay new eggs!