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  1. Well,the upcoming release will be my first one to be around for.
  2. So i have found that when hunting for eggs/dragons you haven't caught yet going to the habitats/biomes helps but a problem of mine is remembering which description goes with which egg.i dont want to get the same dragon twice(yet). What method did you use to memorise which description goes with which egg and which biome/habitat that egg belongs to?any tips/advice?
  3. The hatchling i have throown into the ap haven't been named after theyre parent but i have name one of my dragons after theyre larebts.the parent was somrthing like"i ended fantasy" then i name the offspring "fantasy begins" ,it was kibd of to spite the parent .
  4. Elves and wizards,the most majestic of all middle earth
  5. Retro games i go back to: Pokemon Zelda series Mario series(especially 64) Newish games: Fallout 3 and new vegas Skyrim
  6. Omlette,bread,cheese and chilli sauce
  7. Yay,new dragons coming pretty soon,although i havent caught all dragons yet its still nice to have new dragons roaming around,also,this will be the first release that i will be around for to celebrate.i haven't been able to catch last months release yet.....
  8. I solemnly swear that I, gad786 will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchling to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission. Add me to the list.
  9. I joined this site around 2010(i was 12 or 13) but i never got into it till now because i didnt get how the game works till now (im 17).i started this game because i like the graphics of the dragons and it seems nice and retro.this game is really cool and i enjoy collecting all the dragons like a game of pokemon.ive got like 78 dragons now. I also emulate game sometimes when im feeling nostalgic Some nostalgic songs... ..hmmm....all Christmas songs,you had a bad day,suddenly i see,shut up and drive. Yop is the most nostalgic drink for me. My most nostalgic consoles are the psone,gameboy advance,ps2 and original xbox and psp P.s.i kind of wrote this list in a rush
  10. I prefer they release them.it doesnt seem right to kill a dragon.
  11. I like both.i just take any dragon that will help me complete my collection.
  12. I just take any egg i dont already have so i am always getting the eggs i want.....although now its getting harder as the list of dragons i haven't yet caught is getting Smaller and smaller and the dragons i dont have get rarer and rarer. Just keep refreshing and try to click fast,sometimes you just get lucky even if you arent a fast clicker. Remember to check both the AP and the biomes
  13. I just post my eggs on all the major click sites as soon as i get them.occasionally my eggs get sick but my eggs have never died so i will keep doong things the same way.
  14. Qualcomm snapdragon Seriously? Who wouldn't take this name?
  15. Apple lisa-this one really surprised me British embassy 50 shades of dragons I love kebabs The german thuwed Dragonware One thuwed to rule them all Pesky pixie Fantasy begins
  16. Heterosexual guy over here.i just cant find the same comfort in the same sex.not judging,just my own preference.
  17. I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." I never liked having multiple accounts on games.
  18. Found my second thuwed and have reached over 50 dragons so i can have more hatchlings and eggs at once.now i can complete my collection faster
  19. My fantastic four were: Neotropical dragon Ridgewing dragon Harvest dragon Daydream dragon
  20. Kit kat and later on ill have some ice cream
  21. gad786


    I am a Taurus (april 28 1998) and in chinese astrology i am a tiger.
  22. http://dragcave.net/lineage/izzQK
  23. Found my own thuwed in the ap http://dragcave.net/lineage/IlR9B Now all i need is a dorkface then i can make a dorkwed....someone gift please?
  24. Sail-awolnation Raise your glass-pink